Episode 2, "The Hero Stays at the Devil"s Castle for Work Reasons"Episode 2, "The Hero Stays at the Devil"s Castle for Work Reasons"
The Devil Is A Part-Timer!The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

The above info came from Elwin Blaine Coldiron, and also was edited by yours truly.

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Originally a aboriginal of the city of Kobe, Rika Suzuki is additionally a survivor of the 1995 earthquake tright here. Sometime after settling in Tokyo, she had actually gotten annoyed by world asking her about her experience via the quake. As an outcome, she vowed never before to mention that reality again. She even took pains to shed the Kansai accent in her voice.

But upon meeting her co-worker Emi Yusa, Rika uncovered that the girl accepted her for simply being her and didn"t ask around her past. But when Emi refused Rika"s invitations to go out, she became curious around her relationship via Sadao, thinking that they"re a couple. She also discovered Sadao"s roommate Ashiya interesting, and also assuring him of his duty as the apartment"s housekeeper, however Ashiya hasn"t noticed her affections.

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The over description came from Elwin Blaine Coldiron, and also was edited by yours truly.

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