The chapter development tells the story of a schoolgirl and a teacher to make the allude that A. education was a critical focus of the liberal agenda for redevelop.B. the civil rights movement"s emphasis on integration actually verified a faiattract.C. adult white southerners, steeped in racial stereotypes, could not change to institution integration.D. the wrenching changes of the 1960s, which influenced most Americans, prospered out of the social trends and also problems of the 1950s.

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the wrenching changes of the 1960s, which affected a lot of Americans, prospered out of the social patterns and problems of the 1950s
Approximately what percent of cotton was picked mechanically in 1960? A. 5 percentB. 20 percentC. 35 percentD. 50 percent
What finally puburned the Kennedy administration to commit to federal legislation to finish segregation and also protect voting rights? A. the rulings of the Warren CourtB. the riots in northern citiesC. the bus boycott in Montgomery, AlabamaD. the violent repression of nonviolent demonstrations
The situation of Brvery own v. Board of Education of Topeka involved A. prayer in public schools.B. federal help to education.C. racial segregation in public institutions.D. equal accessibility to colleges.
In the 1947 Texas desegregation order tbelow was an exception; the first grade can continue to be segregated. What was the rationale for this exception? A. language skillsB. social acclimationC. initially grade was optionalD. All of these were rationales for the exception
What occasion, even more than any type of other, catapulted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to national prominence? A. the "I have a dream" speechB. the Montgomery bus boycottC. being jailed in BirminghamD. his adopt of pacifism and also nonviolence
The Babsence Panther party believed in A. tranquil coexistence between the races.B. armed protection and also protest.C. racial and gender liberation.D. more humane treatment of animals in zoos and study labs
Martin Luther King, Jr. climbed to management in the civil rights activity in the time of the 1950s. His tactics, different from those of the current past, would become the primary approaches of the civil legal rights activity right into the 1960s. What is the most specific summary of this change in the movement? A. Direct and also regularly violent confrontation reinserted nonviolent passive resistance.B. King"s rhetorical abilities on TV, fairly than organized activity, caught the nation"s attention.C. King appealed straight to President Eisenhower to lfinish his assistance to initiatives to speed up desegregation.D. King proposed nonviolent confrontation fairly than the NAACP"s strategy of legal challenges to segregation in the courts
King proposed nonviolent confrontation rather than the NAACP"s strategy of legal difficulties to segregation in the courts
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to your message, "marked one of the excellent moments in the background of Amerihave the right to redevelop." It barred discrimicountry in all of the following EXCEPT A. churches.B. hotels.C. employment.D. bus stations.
The Economic Opportunity Act, according to your text, was "the many sweeping social welfare bill because the New Deal." Its provisions included all EXCEPT A. the Job Corps.B. the Peace Corps.C. development loans to rural family members and city businesses.D. a billion dollars for a new Office of Economic Opportunity
All of the adhering to were elements of Johnson"s "Great Society" programs EXCEPT A. a health and wellness insurance regime for the elderly.B. an anti-poverty regime.C. a clinical care routine for the poor.D. a funding program to return taxes profits to states
The Immigration Act of 1965 A. extfinished the national origins quota device.B. abolimelted the nationwide origins quota device.C. ended all immigration from Asia.D. lifted all limitations on immigration from Latin America
Which city was NOT wracked by violence and also rioting in the 1960s? A. NewarkB. RochesterC. SeattleD. New York
The Beatles had an effective affect on Amerihave the right to well-known society in all the complying with means EXCEPT A. representing Americans to an element of their own music—rhythm and also blues.B. presenting Americans to Oriental musical and religious motifs.C. popularizing lyrics with an activist social message.D. popularizing lyrics with a pro-drug message
What geographical reorientation of popular society had developed by the later 1960s? A. the climb of the West Coast as trend-setterB. a return to the southerly roots of both babsence rhythm and blues and white rock "n" rollC. the shift from rural to city settings in television showsD. the climb of the "Big Apple" (New York City) as the facility of the recording and also film industries
In the election of 1964, President Johnkid was opposed by the ruggedly handsome and also refreshingly candid A. Ronald Reagan.B. Barry Goldwater.C. David Eisenhower.D. Theodore Green
. Which of the following musicians transformed himself from the quintessential folk protest artist into a significant pressure in American rock music? A. Buddy HollyB. Elvis PresleyC. Bob DylanD. Jerry Garcia
In which area, in 1969, did all the positive pressures of the countersociety come together to celebrate tranquility, love, and also freedom? A. MontereyB. AltamontC. ChicagoD. Woodstock
Which of the adhering to civil rights establishments properly offered the nation"s judicial device to implement lasting change in America? A. NAACPB. SNCCC. CORED. Black Panthers
Which of the adhering to presented the a lot of divisive worry the Kennedy management had to face? A. the battle in VietnamB. the civil legal rights movementC. class divisions in AmericaD. labor union activism
Which of the adhering to groups stood for the a lot of radical and also violent choice obtainable to babsence Americans in the 1960s? A. Babsence MuslimsB. Nation of IslamC. SNCCD. Black Panthers
Supreme Court decisions designed to safeguard the legal rights of citizens that had actually been accoffered however not yet convicted of a crime were intended to advantage which team in society? A. no group in particularB. the poorC. immigrantsD. African Americans
Pope John instructed the Vatideserve to II council to examine which of the adhering to issues? A. birth controlB. atheismC. povertyD. All these answers are correct
Harvard professor ________ began experimenting through hallucinogenic mushrooms in Mexico and also shortly relocated on to LSD. He was inevitably fired by the university. A. Ken KeseyB. Timothy LearyC. Tom WolfeD. Hunter Thompson

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