Bananas has no regrets, Sarah is still upset. Not many amazing insight, though plenty of possibility. The Rivals 3 reunion did not supply. #ReunionFail

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Nessa hosts the end of seaboy display. As you’d intend, it starts with a re-mirroring of the cruel finishing of the seachild, via Bananas taking all the winning prize money for himself. He justifies this as “don’t hate the player, hate the game” but still insinuates that this may have actually had something to carry out through Sarah screwing him over 2 seasons prior on Battle of the Exes 2. I don’t think Bananas’ decision would have actually been various if Sarah permitted him to go farther in Battle of the Exes 2, yet he knows what makes great TV, so he plays his angles.

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Sarah got upset and ran off, however calmed down and went back. Of course she’s upset and also of course she states she wouldn’t have actually played him like that. Unfortunately, we don’t obtain to hear if Sarah believed this would occur and also if she regrets not staying up all night on the stump.

Devin defends Sarah a lot, talking about exactly how various this situation was than Battle of the Exes 2. Cory chimes in to say he understands that a game is a game. Wes kinda hugs both points of watch before urging Nessa to move on to one more topic.

I feel choose in past periods they have surveyed everyone at the reunion on things choose if they’d do it aacquire. Would have actually been interesting if everyone on stage was asked if they would have preserved it all and/or think their partner would have. But we don’t gain that. Reunion fail.

Hook ups is constantly a great topic! Nate and also Nicole discuss that they did date, but it finished poorly, seemingly bereason of Nate. Not most details were provided.

Jenna mentions that her and Zach are no even more and also that she believed Dario was hot. Nessa asks if anything might happen between Jenna and also A-Rod look-aprefer Dario. It’s compelled and Jenna does a nice project of reminding host Nessa that this isn’t a dating display.

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Cheyenne and also Cory are asked about their flirtation. Cheyenne states Cory is young (also though he should be older than her) and also not all set for a significant relationship. She then mentions that she doesn’t kiss and tell. Too poor MTV camages sustained that, bereason we didn’t see anything all seaboy.

Ashley insists that the human being that were presented on TV hooking up weren’t the only ones hooking up. Yeah, we recognize. Nothing is discussed of Devin and also Camila, who were both existing at the reunion, another fail.

Footage is displayed, but, of Vince leaving the shower running at 4am and then Camila obtaining out of there 15 mins or so later. Vince & Camila deny the implied hook up. Camila is mad at MTV for editing to create something out of nopoint. Sarah mentions that the shower and the toilet aren’t that cshed to each various other, putting a hole in their denial story that Devin supports. After some bickering between Nessa and also Camila, the present moves on.

Unfortunately, it moves on to the night when the men wore their partners clothes, which is not especially exciting.

Finally, we gain to Devin & Camila. They say they had actually fun and also are incredibly casual about it. Immediately, we move on to Wes getting in a food fight and then Bananas smacking his butt with a cutting board. We check out some Wes butt as footage is shown of the mark it left. Potential nudity points, but no! MTV doesn’t treatment about fantasy and conserves this stuff for after the seachild ends.

This present is bizarre. It’s a weird mix of reunion and also the S&*% They Should’ve Shown. How come Nessa spent so much time on Vince and Camila, however bacount any kind of on evidenced showmance Devin and also Camila? It’s very odd and also disjointed.

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It concludes via “Challenged” awards, which seems favor simply an excusage to make fun of Nate for crying and also Brandon for quitting.

So the substantial fight that finished Camila’s seakid is not identified at all. There’s no talk about exactly how nominating two teams changed the game. The reunion falls short to follow up on the reality that the champions Bananas & Sarah both hinted at retirement. No cite of Thomas leaving because of his sick girlfriend. Is she okay? Speaking of girlfrifinish quitters, any news on if Brandon is also still via that chick?

Most importantly, this was the initially seaboy that MTV ran a fantasy league for the present and it was not at all discussed! How carry out the cast members feel around this? Would they draft themselves? Does Camila uncover any type of solace in the fact that at least her being kicked off made her an excellent fantasy pick?