Alternative : ヴァ二タスの手記 ; Les Mémoires de Vanitas ; Memoir of Vanitas ; The situation Study of Vanitas ; Vanitas no chart ; Vanitas no Karute ; Vanitas no Memorandum

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Vanitas no Shuki summary:

Paris, late 19th century. Vanitas is a human who functions as a medical professional for vampires and wishes to conserve them. He uses a magical publication called The Vanitas Grimoire come dispel an evil curse the corrupts vampires and also turns them into blood-sucking monsters.But...this an extremely same publication is rumoured to it is in the cursed tome that offers birth come vampires ~ above nights when the blue moon is full. Noe is a vampire on the hunt because that The Grimoire.Who, really, is Dr Vanitas? What are the secrets that the holds, and what fate do those secrets spell for the vampire species?
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Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 44: Mal d Amour41,106Mar-03-20
Chapter 43: Encens Restant21,365Mar-03-20
Chapter 42: Encore Une Fois: Love24,399Feb-29-20
Chapter 41: Canorus: snow Flower17,356Feb-29-20
Chapter 40.5: absent Pages15,238Feb-29-20
Chapter 4030,881Oct-30-19
Chapter 39: Mémoire 39: The significance of the Witch29,375Sep-03-19
Chapter 38.5: Mémoire 38.5: She that Harbors death (Part 2)26,493Jul-24-19
Chapter 38: Mémoire 38: She that Harbors Death27,520Jul-01-19
Chapter 37: Mémoire 37: Hands the Touch a Nightmare: Vengeance25,459Jun-26-19
Chapter 36: Mémoire 36: Chasse aux Vampires: The Beast21,538Jun-26-19
Chapter 35: Mémoire 35: Louisette: column of Justice20,684Jun-26-19
Chapter 34.5: Mémoire 34.5: Jean-Jacques: component 2 - The Vampire the the Chastels19,986Jun-26-19
Chapter 34: Mémoire 34: Jean-Jacques: component 1 - The Vampire the the Chastels20,480Jun-26-19
Chapter 33: Mémoire 33: Cauchemar: Rumble19,949Jun-26-19
Chapter 32: Mémoire 32: Visiteur: Footfalls of the Beast20,982Jun-26-19
Chapter 3135,839Oct-30-18
Chapter 30: Straseinade: Tremolo27,663Oct-30-18
Chapter 29: Château De Forciére: The Witch and The Youth27,165Oct-30-18
Chapter 28: Dal Pegno: concern Mark27,651Oct-30-18
Chapter 27: Cage De Neige: Dregs28,820Oct-30-18
Chapter 26: Dissonance: Creaking Laughter25,543Oct-30-18
Chapter 25: Endroit Approprié: Melee25,358Oct-30-18
Chapter 24: Foret d argent: opportunity Encounter25,795Oct-30-18
Chapter 23: Au Pas Camarade: Pace27,062Oct-30-18
Chapter 22: Hunter: A phone call Voice29,050Oct-30-18
Chapter 21: Vol.4 Mémoire 21: Serment: Promise (Part Two)29,509Oct-30-18
Chapter 20.542,579Mar-13-18
Chapter 2040,406Mar-07-18
Chapter 1936,763Mar-07-18
Chapter 1836,072Mar-07-18
Chapter 1735,428Dec-23-20
Chapter 1639,256Dec-23-20
Chapter 15.537,597Jun-30-17
Chapter 1515,025Dec-23-20
Chapter 1413,037Dec-23-20
Chapter 1344,545Dec-23-20
Chapter 1242,962Dec-23-20
Chapter 1143,182Dec-23-20
Chapter 1038,424Dec-23-20
Chapter 936,107Dec-23-20
Chapter 837,124Sep-13-16
Chapter 737,887Sep-12-16
Chapter 637,262Sep-12-16
Chapter 538,246Sep-12-16
Chapter 441,709Sep-12-16
Chapter 344,984Sep-12-16
Chapter 259,509Sep-12-16
Chapter 1113,753Sep-10-16

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