music videohttps://youtu.be/gYsvfhPPhPc--a together e xhttps://couchsurfingcook.com/worsethanthis--orignal video without mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZX1uMtbAiU--

Genre lofi lab

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connor-minaker: bro thank you so lot that really method the human being to me! give thanks to you so much for tuning in im so happy you took pleasure in this! i operated crazy tough on this one!! also i simply released a vast multilingual participation if you're interested! and also i drop brand-new tracks every 2 weeks on mine couchsurfingcook.com:) ns am constantly here for you hmu lets never lose contact!! leave a choose if girlfriend like and leave a comment great or bad i respond to every solitary one and also each one matters deep to me!! https://couchsurfingcook.com/eclipze_muzik/tokyo-marry-boy-you-need-a-change-of-mind-original-version - DM ME

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okay bro u obtained sum warm keep workinh

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you flow is perfect and I love the vibe, store it up g