The parentheses BCD is hinged in ~ C and also attached to a manage cable in ~ B. For the loading shown, determine

(a) The stress in the cable,

(b) The reaction at C.

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Solve difficulty 4.19, assuming that a = 0.32 m. Trouble 4.19 The bracket BCD is hinged at C and attached to a control cable at B. For the loading shown, determine (a) the tension in the cable, (b) the reaction at... Watch Answer
The lever BCD is hinged at C and attached to a control pole at B. If ns = 100 lb, determine (a) the tension in stick AB, (b) the reaction at C. check out Answer
A lever abdominal is hinged at C and attached to a control cable at A. If the lever is subjected to a 500-N horizontal force at B, determine (a) The tension in the cable, (b) The reaction at... Check out Answer
The bar BCD is hinged at C and is attached to a control stick at B. If 200 ns = N, determine (a) The tension in stick AB, (b) The reaction at C. see Answer
The lever BCD is hinged at C and is attached to a control pole at B.

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Determine the maximum pressure P which can be safely applied at D if the preferably allowable worth of the reaction at C is 500... See Answer
figure 16-27 reflects a composite slab that three different materials through equal thickness but...... ... That the composite slab are organized at the solved temperatures T1 and T2. Offered that kB > kA > kC, location the products in bespeak of the temperature difference throughout them, starting with the smallest.... Check out Answer
At 10 °C ice alters to water. H 2 O(s) ? H 2 O(l) ?H ? = +6.01 kJ mol –1 a. Define why...... ... At –10.0 °C, the value of ?S system is –22.0 J K –1 mol –1 and the worth of ?S surroundings is +22.9 J K –1 mol –1 . Calculation the total entropy change in the process. Include... See Answer
A case study in this chapter discusses the federal minimum-wage law. A. Suppose the minimum wage...... ... Both elasticities,or neither? d. If the demand for unskilled labor were inelastic, would the proposed rise in the minimum wage raise or lower full wage payment to unskilled workers?... Watch Answer
Compute macauleay and amendment durations for the complying with bonds: a.A 5-year bond payment annual...... ... Of 4.432% and marketing at par. B.An 8-year bond payment semiannual coupons through a coupon price of 8% and a productivity of 7%. c. A10-year shortcut paying annual coupons of 6% v a price the $92 and maturity... View Answer
Determine the preferably tension that can be occurred in cable abdominal if the preferably allowable value of the reaction at C is 250 lb. Watch Answer
The gardener of difficulty 4.1 desire to carry a second 250-N bag that fertilizer at the same time...... ... the center of heaviness of the second bag if she have the right to hold just 75 N with each arm. Trouble 4.1 A gardener supplies a 60-N wheelbarrow to transport a 250-N bag of fertilizer. What pressure must she... See Answer
(a). Talk about Uniform, exponential and Normal Distribution. Additionally discuss their characteristics, (b). What is binomial Distribution? discuss some characteristics of Binomial Distribution. (c). The suffer of a home agent indicate that that can provide suitable accommodation to 70 percent of... View Answer
Phil Goode will get $175,000 in 50 years. His friends are very jealous of him. If the funds are discounted earlier at a rate of 14 percent, what is the existing value of his future “pot that gold”? check out Answer
On august 31, 2018, Rijo tools Repair Corp.\"s opened trial balance was as follows. The...... A... In ~ September 30.(d) Prepare and post the adjusting newspaper entries for the month.(e) Prepare an changed trial balance at September 30.(f) Prepare (1) one income statement, (2) a declare of... Check out Answer
Arsenal electronics is to build a brand-new $1.2 billion semiconductor plant and has selected four tiny towns in the Midwest together potential sites. The crucial decision criteria and grades for every town space as follows: build a scoring model to identify in which town the plant should bebuilt. Check out Answer
Plummer Corporation acquired 90 percent that Softek Technologies\" voting stock on June 15,2014, by...... A... Prepare the salvation entry on Plummer\"s books and the working document consolidation removed entries ~ above June 15,2014, adhering to U.S. GAAP.b. Prepare the working document consolidation... See Answer
Hetty Grey has just approached a endeavor capitalist for jae won for her new business venture, the advancement of a regional ski hill. On July 1, 2016, Hetty was loaned $150,000 at an annual interest price of 7%. The loan is repayable over 5 years in annual installments the $36,584, major and... Watch Answer

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