The Babsence Hills stretch across western South Dakota, northeast Wyoming, and southeast Montana and constitute a spiritual landscape for the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and also Omaha.

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To the Lakota, they are Paha Sapa, “the heart of everything that is.” The Black Hills were the casualty of among the a lot of blatant land also grabs in U.S. history and also proceed to be the site of a legal and also political confrontation.

Rick Two-Dogs, an Oglala Lakota medicine male, explains:

“All of our origin stories go back to this area. We have actually a spiroutine link to the Black Hills that can’t be offered. I don’t think I could challenge the Creator via an open up heart if I ever before took money for it.”

In the rolling, forested highlands of the Babsence Hills, 4 thousand also archaeological sites extending 12,000 years attest to a lengthy partnership via native human being. An oblengthy ridge circles the Black Hills, separating them from the bordering prairie grasslands and making them “one of the the majority of unexplained environmental attributes in the United States,” according to anthropologist Peter Nabokov.


In the 1700s and also 1800s, the Lakota ceremonial season began each spring with the stampede of buffalo from the Babsence Hills through Buffalo Space. As the people adhered to the buffalo, they would certainly go to places choose Devils Tower and also Bear Butte, their pathmeans creating the shape of a buffalo’s head. As Lakota scholar Vine Deloria Jr. tells it:

“In the spring, the world would follow the buffalo herd and also they’d need to perform a series of four ceremonies, the last one of which would certainly either end up at Devils Tower or Bear Butte depending on what year it was and also what the situation was.

This is created down now in a book on star knowledge” which illustprices the connection between the constellations, land also formations and also activity of Lakota bands within the Babsence Hills. The Lakota think that permanent occupancy of the Babsence Hills was set aside for the birds and the animals, not for humans.

The UNITED STATE federal government initially tried to proccasion negotiation of the Babsence Hills, having actually signed the 1851 Treaty of Ft. Laramie, which promised 60 million acres of the Babsence Hills “for the absolute and undisturbed use and occupancy of the Sioux.”

White Settlers were aware that the Babsence Hills were spiritual, taken into consideration the womb of Mother Earth and the place of ceremonies, vision searches, and burials. At first, the newcomers accepted the reality that the Hills belonged to the Lakota—until gold was found.

When they heard the rumors of gold, they clamored for access to a large area that had actually formerly been avoided for fear of Amerideserve to Indian assaults and because of the 1851 Treaty.

Chase Iron Eyes Talks Sacred Land also Black Hills Pe’Slathrough Ezra Miller & Sol Guy (2012)

In 1857, Lakota leaders gathered at Bear Butte to talk about the raising variety of white invaders in the Black Hills. As inhabitants ongoing to disregard the treaty borders of the Babsence Hills, and also as the federal government started to develop army write-ups within them to ascertain the safety of the westward-moving settlers, a 2nd treaty was signed by a couple of Lakota leaders yet did not meet the amount of Lakota males signature required to be valid.

It reduced their land base to 20 million acres. This was the 1868 Treaty of Ft. Laramie, the one to which all current legal disagreements refer. In 1874, the government enabled General George Armstrong Custer to check out the Hills—ostensibly to find a location to construct a fort, yet Custer was accompanied by geologists and also miners that confirmed the visibility of gold.

This was a clear violation of even the second, even more restricted, treaty. The exploration of gold sparked a rush of miners and settlers, and the government tried to threaten the Lakota right into offering their continuing to be 20 million acres.

When this didn’t work-related, Congress enacted a new treaty in 1877, via only 10% of the adult male Lakota populace signing it, which seized the land, causing war and ultimate defeat for the flakota—though Custer passed away for his sins in 1876 at Little Bighorn.


In the twentieth century, the Lakota started a concerted legal initiative to reinsurance claim the Babsence Hills. A federal judge who reviewed the situation in the 1970s commented: “An even more ripe and rank case of dishonorable dealing will never before, in all probcapability, be discovered in our history.”

Now, the worry is whether tribal spiritual lands taken in the nineteenth century can be bought and also sold in the twenty-first. After a century of battle to file clintends in court against the illegality of the 1868 treaty, the Indian Claims Commission, the Court of Clintends, and also lastly the Supreme Court in 1980 well-known the 8 Lakota Nations’ civil liberties to the component of the Babsence Hills stated in the 1868 treaty.

But instead of ordering the government to return the land, the Claims Commission awarded a financial amount equal to the land’s worth in 1877 plus interest. This sum currently is a significant amount yet still a lot smaller sized than the value of the natural resources which have been extracted from the Black Hills, approximated at $4 billion.

The Lakota have refused to accept the money on the grounds that one cannot buy and also offer sacred land. Says Johnboy Divine Rock, a Lakota elder and former chairman of the Oglala Sioux, “We don’t think of the air and water in regards to dollars and also cents.” Two political plans in the 1980s (one spearheaded by Senator Bill Bradley) to rerevolve 1.3 million acres of federal land also in the Black Hills were beat by the South Dakota congressional delegation, including Senator Tom Daschle.

US of A, Honor the Treaties!

Over the years, the Black Hills have skilled mining, logging, and recreational provides, regularly in violation of Lakota ideas. Mining for gold, coal, and also uranium pollutes water. Cyanide heap-leach gold mines, such as Homestake and Gilt Edge, usage cyanide to extract gold from crumelted ore.

The cyanide mixes through various other chemicals, creating toxic chemicals that have the right to leach right into the groundwater. This type of mining leaves expensive open up pits that scar the landscape, and generally the carriers are permitted to abandon the mines without cleaning up or restoring the land to its original state.

Two sacred locations within the Babsence Hills, Bear Butte are on public land and are defended from herbal resource extraction. However before, both have sustained disputes over recreational use. Bear Butte, recognized as Mato Paha, has actually lengthy been a site for ceremonies, vision searches, and necessary tribal meetings, though a lot of Americans view the dramatic bit hill as simply one of the many geographically stunning outcroppings in the Babsence Hills.

Aaron Huey & America’s Native Prisoners of War (TedTalks)

“Honor the treaties. Give back the Babsence Hills. It’s not your service what they do with them.”

~Aaaron Huey

Bear Butte ended up being a South Dakota state park in 1961 and also was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. To accommoday different supplies of the park, the state created 2 different trails, one for hikers and one for aboriginal spiritual practitioners, which leads human being to a designated ceremonial location.

Both trails are open up to the public, but, non-indigenous users are requested to continue to be on the trail and not disturb prayer bundles or individuals in ceremony.

In 1982 Lakota and Tsistsistas (Cheyenne) elders sued the state of South Dakota to prevent deeper incursions into the park to rise tourism, including a parking lot, roads, and also campgrounds. They also sshould limit the state’s capability to create new regulations requiring travellers, including standard religious practitioners, to obtain permits.

The U.S. District Court’s opinion Fools Crow v. Gullet discovered that the Amerideserve to Indians might not have “complete, unlimited, and uninterrupted religious use of Bear Butte” because that would certainly constitute the state creating a religious beliefs, and because the state’s appropriate to open up the landmark to the public was defended under the First Amendment.

“…the taking of the Babsence Hills is the the majority of ripe and also rank instance of dishonorable dealing ever perpetrated on a world by the United States federal government.”

-United States Supreme Court, 1980.

This was among a number of situations in the 1980s which showcased the faiattract of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act to protect native religious methods on public land.

Other spiritual locations in the Babsence Hills include Buffalo Void National Grasslands, Angostura Springs, Harney Peak, and also Wind Cavern National Park. The Lakota believe that the Wind Cave is the location wbelow their ancestors emerged.

The site was occupied by Lakota activists and elders in 1981 to protest the 1980 Supreme Court decision that available financial restitution for the taking of the Black Hills.

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The exact same year noted the beginning of the occupation of Yellow Thunder Camp by American Indian Movement activists, an occupation which lasted for numerous years but was inevitably disbanded since they were denied permits for long-term structures.

“Every India break out that I have actually ever before well-known has resulted from damaged assures and broken treaties by the government.”

~Buffalo Bill