The Brief: "That"s on Me, I collection The Bar also Low" memes space from a scene of a crossover illustration of New Girl and also Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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“That’s on Me, I collection The Bar as well Low” memes come from a special cross-over episode of New Girl and also Brooklyn Nine-Nine, according to recognize Your Meme. In the episode, there is an exchange in between Zooey Deschanel’s Jess Day and also Andy Samberg’s Detective Jake Peralta. Jess obstacles Jake’s validity together a cop.

Jake: “I’m no a thug, I’m police.”Jess: “Okay, then surname one law.”Jake: “Don’t death people?”Jess: “That’s top top me, I collection the bar as well low.”

The meme layout has been about for a few years, but recently took off in may 2021 after a version around Spider-Man director Sam Raimi went viral on Reddit.

Many space sharing their very own versions on society media.

— Charles louis Richter (
richterscale) might 31, 2021

— Sara (
tinyredbook) might 31, 2021

— Rando (
Rando54) might 31, 2021

jojo! dio! native Animemes

Some Twitter users have ditched the theme graphic altogether and also are writing whatever out in a tweet.

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I'm an expert on the NYC subway

Yeah? name 4 stations

14th street!

That's top top me, I collection the bar also low

— Trevor (
trevorjtweets) June 1, 2021

Oh you favor resident evil? Name 4 villainsWeskerThat's top top me. I collection the bar also low

— 大帽子・アルト
legal macross!!!! (
sharktocrab) June 1, 2021

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