Those interested in meal kit or various other items indigenous Super Fat Rice Mart can place orders online now. Pickup will certainly be available starting Saturday.

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The Fat Rice team make 400 enjoy the meal kits using produce, poultry, sauces and also other ingredient in the restaurant at the moment of the shutdown.Facebook
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LOGAN SQUARE — Fat Rice, as it to be known, is “dead.”

Owners Abe Conlon and Adrienne Lo are officially closing the award-winning Macanese restaurant at 2957 W. Diversey Ave. And opening a new business in that is place focused on to-go enjoy the meal kits, referred to as Super Fat Rice Mart.

The relocate is in direct an answer to the coronavirus shutdown, which has restaurant owners anywhere reimagining exactly how to execute business.

“The restaurant for the foreseeable future is dead,” Conlon said the new York Times.

“We need to face the truth that us can’t exist later on as the looks now. Human being are not going to feeling comfortable being in close soldier or being in a cramped dining room.”

“Fat Rice 2.0” will certainly serve meal kit alongside organic and also local produce, beer and wine and also take-away restaurant favorites, follow to a news release.

The owners’ signature kit, the super Value cook Kit, feeds 2 adults for breakfast, lunch and dinner over 2 days. The $99 kit includes every one of the ingredient to make the meals, and step-by-step instructions “to cook the exact same dishes served at the restaurant, only now from the comfort of home.”

The owners are also considering selling takeout orders of piri piri grilled chicken, egg tarts and “secret midnight omakase tastings.” The mart will have a bigger online presence, in ~ The owners space planning to post video cooking tutorials ~ above the site.

The Bakery in ~ Fat Rice will likewise close, though owners stated they “may make use of the bakery an are for things favor takeout egg tarts” in the future.

“Super Fat Rice Mart is the following chapter in the ever-evolving stare of the Fat Rice story,” the news release reads.

Fat Rice to be a rising star, loved by locals and also food movie critics alike. Conlon won the James Beard award for finest Chef: good Lakes in 2018.

Those interested in meal kit or other items native Super Fat Rice Mart deserve to place orders virtual now. Pickup will be available starting Saturday.

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