Edmonton has numerous bonuses as a winter city

It’s been below -30 for 3 days currently as I write this. Every time it it s okay cold in Edmonton, there is a snapshot that it s okay circulated among my friends. That a cartoon drawing of a human bundled up in winter clothing, proclaiming the the air hurts their face, and also questioning why they live somewhere whereby the air hurts their face. Every year, we chuckle and hit ‘like’ and move on.

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But, why do we live here? Temperatures listed below -30 occur every year. I grew up wearing Halloween costumes over my snowsuits and also walking through 4 feet of eye to get to school. Winters are cold and long here. We gain two month of summer, assuming us don’t obtain 54 days of rain prefer we go in 2019, with the flow freezing as at an early stage as October and not thawing until April or May. The remainder is a purgatory the weather as well cold because that shorts and also too warm for sweaters. For this reason again, why do we live here?

We’re not dubbed the Festival City because that nothing. Edmonton hosts an ext than 50 globally acclaimed festivals every year. In fact, our very own Alberta path just organized the 13th yearly Deep frozen Festival, frequently billed as the first festival the the year. There space festivals for everyone—from music and theatre to thrill rides and cats. The festivals are greatly featured in our brief summer, yet some choose Ice top top Whyte and also Flying Canoë Volant could only occur in our cold winter.

Did I point out food? In addition to the multitude of festivals with remarkable food, and festivals that feature only food, Edmonton is home to civilization class restaurants and culinary experiences. As current as this past summer, Edmonton has actually been featured in local and worldwide columns praising our culinary to explode in recent years, through restaurants such together OTTO, Bündok, RGE RD, and Pip leading the way. And also don’t forget to visit the environment-friendly Onion Cake Man, the definitive Edmonton dish, ~ above your way down 118 Ave.

Our city also features a tiny slice of heaven recognized as the flow valley. Together the biggest urban park in Canada with much more than 160 kilometer of paths and 20 parks, the City that Edmonton receipt the river valley together “A organic wonder for every Edmontonians to it is in proud of.” It offers a plethora of free outdoor programming every year long, both along the river and also right top top the water. How plenty of cities in Canada market the choice of getting married top top a totally functional riverboat?

All funny aside, if you require health treatment or have youngsters in school, you space in an excellent hands here. The college of Alberta is a top five Canadian university, and also students native elementary to high schools rank in the optimal 10 in the people in reading, math, and science. In addition, the Stollery children Hospital is a literal meaning life saver that leads the country in health treatment services for children. And also leaning on the world-class research within the U of A, Edmonton leader the method in medical innovation, with the “Edmonton Protocol” for treating a stubborn strand that diabetes gift pioneered here, and also the world’s only Gamma Knife for treating mind tumors housed right right here in our city.

No short article talking about what makes Edmonton precious the weather mommy Nature throws at united state is complete without talking about the amazing civilization who live here. Yes, you—reading this post right now—are surrounding by kind and giving civilization who would simply as conveniently shovel her sidewalk as invite girlfriend to folk Fest. Desire someone come share a poutine through while city hall Canada job fireworks? They space there. Need a car an increase in the parking lot? No must go look for help; someone is currently on their way.

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If you’re sitting there reasoning that girlfriend don’t understand anyone like that, meet your neighbours. The fastest way to meet world who care is come volunteer and make friends with other volunteers. Sure, there space a few weirdos the end there, yet we’re all a little odd after a few days the -40.

Featured Image: Festivals like Deep Freeze assist make our winter city funny to live in. | epos Photography