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Jason A.

We take it our 4 wheelers over there to get fixed, came earlier with missing bolts and when us unloaded the a screw dropped off, it as we\"ll had a level no biggie thought I would call them thinking perhaps they forgot to put the bolt ago in, we room all human and also make failure they claimed they never touched any type of bolts we\"ll the sad part they had actually to come replace components on it i had additionally asked bout the flat the male started informing they room no tires shop yes sir we\"ll i was simply wanting mine 4 wheeler resolved the way they take it the speak to I think castle must obtain a most complaints he acted choose I was wanting something cost-free or something lock told me no there fault and also the tire had actually air in it as soon as they had actually it and hung up, we\"ll I came in to tell mine husband bout it and also he said that\"s funny because bud had actually to put air in it prior to he invited it we\"ll the made me mad ns felt like due to the fact that I was a girl i was treated various so I referred to as right ago when that told me the we\"ll they would not prize the phone referred to as 4 times never ever would answer therefore I supplied my husbands phone to call earlier and the same man answered i told the what my husband had said he again began saying we\"ll we are no tire shop I said I recognize that I\"m not trying to get anything the end of this I\"m ready to pay for the parts also the bolts they shed we\"ll the calmed down and started to help he did provide me a surname of a ar to get a tires from yet what obtained me the many is the mechanic to be mouthing in the ago ground saying tell her to get the number her self to find her tire her me really tough to take it in listening a business treat a paying customer choose that prior to I acquired off the phone v the guy that had actually answered i made certain to call him to tell the man in the lift mouthing that you were the one the volunteered the info all the man on the phone can say is no problem no I\"m sorry or anything but no trouble we\"ll as soon as my husband watched me crying and also said wow i don\"t recognize what come say I have actually never been treated this method he referred to as them earlier twice go number no answer through all this being said I would certainly not recommend anyone below yes their prices are an extremely cheap however you perform pay because that what you gain I will certainly pay the much more expensive price before I ever before go back very awful to say and also this is my an initial review to ever before fill the end that is how negative I to be treated there! ns will finish it v this tho 3 years back we bout a 4 wheeler and also a go kart from them and also had wonderful organization so maybe brand-new people don\"t know but I would do major research before you usage them!