The flat Belly deal with by Todd Lamb is a load loss program that works to provide healthy fat burn recipes and strategies, yet are there an unfavorable side impacts or is it in reality worth the money?

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The level Belly deal with is a weight loss routine sold specifically online with

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By adhering to the guides, eBooks, and lessons in The level Belly Fix, you have the right to purportedly shed a significant amount of weight in a short period of time – all with limited diet or exercise required.

Does The flat Belly settle really work? Or is it yet one more overhyped weight loss regime backed by minimal scientific evidence? Keep reading to discover out every little thing you should know about The level Belly Fix.

What is The flat Belly Fix?

The level Belly fix is a parcel of digital products teaching you simple ways to shed weight.

You buy the digital guides online v, climate implement the lessons into your daily life. By adhering to the lessons, you deserve to purportedly shed weight and also enjoy significant benefits without lot effort, dieting, or exercising.

Your acquisition includes all of the following:

The 21 Day flat Belly deal with SystemThe level Belly deal with Smoothie recipe eBook7-Minute flat Belly ProtocolPersonal Coaching

You purchase The level Belly settle online, then obtain instant accessibility to all of the above components.

The level Belly deal with was originally well-known as The 21 Day flat Belly settle System, and it’s tho marketed under this name. It’s likewise known together The flat Belly Fix. The program has actually been marketed online in various develops through Clickbank and other merchants since 2016.

The program was developed by a human who helped his “crippled wife” burned 23 pounds of undesirable fat while completely flattening her belly. His wife did not starve herself, nor did she do any kind of exercise – however she still lost a far-reaching amount of load by following The flat Belly solve program.

Obviously, all load loss travel guide make comparable claims. Many guides insurance claim to aid you flatten her belly, shed weight, and enjoy other benefits with minimal diet or exercise. You must be skeptical any time someone insurance claims you deserve to lose a far-reaching amount of weight without diet or exercise. However, let’s take it a closer look at at exactly how The level Belly resolve works.

How walk The level Belly deal with Work?

The level Belly Fix supplies intermittent fasting, a balanced diet, and similar strategies to aid you shed weight.

Fasting is associated with health benefits. Studies show that your body rejuvenates itself as soon as fasting. You create more growth hormones as soon as fasting. By fasting regularly, you could lose weight and also enjoy other benefits.

The flat Belly solve introduces you to fasting and other weight loss methods in a means that’s simple for anyone to understand.

The male who developed The level Belly Fix arisen the routine with 3 goals:

Goal #1: to Tell the Truth about Weight Loss: The an equipment of The flat Belly Fix insurance claims that “greedy fat cats in the pharmaceutical and weight lose industries” have actually kept the cure for weight loss secret for years. These people make billions the dollars every year through diet pills, load loss shakes, and also medical treatments. Lock suppress genuine cures for load loss. The an equipment of The level Belly settle wanted to create a program that revealed the truth about exercise and weight loss.

Goal #2: To make It simple for Anyone to Follow: some weight ns plans involve facility steps, high-quality diet programs, and complicated exercises. The flat Belly resolve was developed to it is in as straightforward as feasible for anyone come do, even if friend have restricted experience.

Goal #3: To make the load Loss outcomes Transformational: The flat Belly settle sales page is filled with stories of world who lost significant amounts of load after adhering to the routine – all with limited dieting or working out required. World claim to have lost anywhere from 20 come 80 pounds while adhering to the program. The creator of The flat Belly fix wanted the outcomes to be “transformational,” transforming the way you feel around your body “in simply a couple of short days of weeks.”

Overall, The level Belly Fix claims to give you the “simple mystery to shedding weight permanently” without dieting, exercising, or exerting any kind of effort. Simply follow the strategies in The level Belly Fix, then lose a an extensive amount of load within a few weeks. That’s it.

What will You find out in The level Belly Fix?

The level Belly resolve covers dozens of weight loss tips, dieting strategies, cooking recipes guides, and more. Some of the topics spanned in the eBook include:

Elevate Fat burn Hormones: The devices of The flat Belly Fix insurance claim to have established “the master fat burning hormone.” by activating this hormone using straightforward strategies, you have the right to purportedly lose massive quantities of load without exercising or dieting. The flat Belly Fix claims to raise level of this fat burn hormone by 1,300% in women and 2,000% in men, turning your body right into “a raging fat-burning furnace every night,” burning undesirable fat while friend sleep through zero initiative required.

White Fat Fuel Secret: The level Belly deal with mentions something dubbed the “white fat fuel secret.” by taking benefit of this secret, you deserve to purportedly force your human body to protect against feasting ~ above sugar as your primary energy source – and force it to start burning fat instead. The methods in The flat Belly fix will purportedly pressure your human body to start “gobbling up your white fat prefer pudding,” leaving only beneficial brown fat behind.

Thyroid Accelerator: The flat Belly deal with teaches you a thyroid accelerator technique that have the right to increase her thyroid come 11 automatically, boosting your rate of load loss. The makers of The level Belly Fix case anyone through a 4th grade education and learning can recognize this strategy and also implement the today, making it less complicated than ever to shed weight.

Reverse Skin Aging: as you acquire older, your skin naturally starts to present signs of your age. The flat Belly fix doesn’t just teach you just how to shed weight: the program additionally claims to teach you how to turn ago the clock on her skin, giving you the same clear, vibrant skin you had when you were younger – no matter your age or history.

Reduce Depression chemicals in your Brain: The level Belly Fix functions a straightforward dietary trick that “reduces the depression chemistry in your brain almost instantly.” through implementing this cheat in your lifestyle, you can purportedly improve your mood in simply 1 come 2 days. Instead of relying top top medication, exercise, or dieting to improve your mood, you can reduce depression chemicals through a simple fix. You will do it no much longer be tired and grumpy all the time.

Reduce the threat of form 2 Diabetes by 33%: The level Belly Fix insurance claims to have established a strategy the will mitigate your hazard of developing kind 2 diabetes through 33%. Every you must do is do a tea. The flat Belly Fix features a tea recipe that deserve to purportedly minimize your danger of diabetes.

Stop her Hunger Cravings: Hunger cravings can damage your weight loss and also dieting goals. The level Belly Fix claims to teach you how to activate your satiety switch, flipping the switch on her hunger come ensure girlfriend never obtain food cravings again. Food cravings are all around hormones and blood sugar. By balancing food cravings and blood sugar, you deserve to purportedly maximize the impacts of her diet.

Feed her Libido: The right foods items can feed your libido and increase your sex drive. The level Belly Fix cases to teach you how to feed her libido with a cheap and also abundant food. That food is “unsexy,” however it have the right to purportedly feed her libido.

How to prevent Boomerang Dieting: Many human being lose weight complying with a diet because that the first few weeks, just to gain back this weight as soon as they prevent the strictly diet. The level Belly deal with teaches you how to prevent boomerang dieting through easy, effective weight lose strategies. It is why The level Belly Fix insurance claims to offer permanent weight loss rather of short-lived results.

Reduce Inflammation: The flat Belly Fix cases to “reduce cancer-causing inflammation” throughout your body there is no relying on dangerous or expensive drugs. By adjusting her diet and also adding much more antioxidant-rich foods, you could reduce inflammation throughout her body.

Increase Bone Density: The flat Belly fix even cases to boost your bone thickness without exercising. By complying with the “one straightforward trick” in The flat Belly Fix, you can purportedly rise your bone thickness with zero load lifting required.

By following all of these tips, you can purportedly shed a substantial amount of load within just 3 weeks (21 days) of adhering to the program. Simply follow the methods above, then start losing a far-ranging amount of weight.

The Story Behind The level Belly Fix

The level Belly settle was created by a male named Todd who assisted his wife Tara shed a far-reaching amount that weight.

One night, Tara woke up screaming. She to be frustrated through her weight gain. Tara felt favor she had tried every diet and exercise program in the civilization – yet nothing seemed to work.

Todd wanted to help. He decided to take action. He began researching organic cures for weight loss, consisting of the ideal foods, therapies, and also strategies for shedding weight.

Tara and Todd room both cops. They to be in great shape as soon as they were younger. Together they gained older, however, they obtained weight. By the time they were in their 40s, Tara and Todd knew they started to take action.

In The flat Belly Fix, friend can find the techniques Tara and also Todd used to lose a far-ranging amount of weight.

Todd cases his wife at some point lost 23 pounds of weight after just a few weeks of following The level Belly Fix. Todd also describes his wife as “crippled” due to the fact that she has severe earlier pain. Tara’s weight issues left her through a poor back. Regardless of having a negative back, Tara had the ability to follow Todd’s recommended weight loss tips and ultimately shed a far-reaching amount of weight.

To do a long story short, Tara lost 23 pounds in just 3 weeks of following Todd’s program. Inspired by she success, Todd want to share the program with the world. He packaged it up into a digital eBook, and Todd and also Tara now sell the program online together The flat Belly Fix.

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Scientific proof for The level Belly Fix

Obviously, all load loss plans promise to sell easy, fast, and effective load loss. Unfortunately, many of this programs nothing work. Is The level Belly fix backed by scientific evidence? Or is it yet another overhyped weight loss program?

The sales page for The flat Belly settle is filled v stories of human being who have adhered to the program and also lost a significant amount of load – all without diet and exercise. Todd insurance claims he experiment his routine on family and also friends and was impressed with the results.


Some of Todd’s results, follow to testing among friends and also family, included:

His girlfriend John, an overweight van driver, lost 12 pounds in four days of following The level Belly settle program, through zero practice whatsoever

Tara’s sister had actually been hefty her totality life, then dropped lot of pant sizes after simply three weeks of utilizing The flat Belly Fix

Todd’s girlfriend Peter shed 84 pounds in a “couple months” of adhering to The level Belly Fix, when Peter’s wife shed 21 pounds from her petite body while complying with the program

Todd insurance claims he tested his program on men and women in between ages 16 and 76 and also witnessed an ext powerful weight loss results

Based on this results, Todd insists his formula is proven to occupational as advertised, leading to substantial weight loss in a short period of time through zero effort, exercising, or dieting required.

Unfortunately, Todd does no cite any type of evidence proving these gains however is going off of all of the an individual feedback obtained through the hundreds and also thousands that have complied with The flat Belly fix system. The did no publish his clinical trial in a peer-reviewed journal, no one did the share his research online. Shedding 84 pounds in 2 months without exercising is rare – also if she overweight and following a strict weight loss program.

The flat Belly Fix’s sales page cites simply one study as proof the regime works. The examine was published in 1988. In that study, researchers analyzed the effects of fasting on load loss and hormone secretion. After analyzing fasting in men and women, researchers uncovered that fasting might increase the secretion of growth hormones.

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Other studies have actually validated the usage of fasting.

As Harvard medical School explains, fasting and intermittent fasting are more popular today than ever. Today, much more people use fasting or intermittent fasting techniques to enhance weight loss results. Some people find they eat much less food once intermittently fasting. Others uncover they have much more energy.

In this 2019 review, researcher analyzed dozens of researches on fasting and intermittent fasting to determine the effects. Researchers discovered that fasting to be evolutionarily installed within our physiology. When we fast, it triggers cellular functions at the root levels of our body. Cells duty differently once fasting.

After examining dozens of studies on humans and animals, researchers found that fasting improves metabolism, lowers blood sugar, reduces inflammation, and also improves a variety of health worries – indigenous arthritic pain come asthma. Researchers also found that fasting helped to clear out toxins and damaged cells, lowering the risk of cancer while enhancing brain function, amongst other benefits.

In The flat Belly Fix, you will do it learn about fasting and also other techniques for load loss. Through fasting effectively, you deserve to lose weight without exercising. Some human being use intermittent fasting to lose weight successfully – also if they’re eating the same foods items they usually do, intermittent fasting encourages them to eat less of that food.

Ultimately, The level Belly resolve was not developed by doctors, certified nutritionists, or others with distinct insight into weight loss. We’re additionally skeptical of several of the weight loss claims made online, including losing 80+ pounds within just two months without exercising. However, the program supplies proven load loss techniques – prefer fasting and a balanced diet – to teach world how to effectively lose weight.

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What’s included with The flat Belly Fix?

The level Belly Fix contains everything you need to shed weight and follow the program. You pay online, then receive instant accessibility to every books, guides, and PDF files in the program.


The routine includes:

The 21 Day level Belly settle System: This eBook introduce you to The flat Belly deal with program and also how the works. The teaches you just how fasting works and also how you deserve to use fasting to shed a substantial amount of weight within just 21 days – all v zero practice required. This is the same regime that has helped world lose as lot as 80+ pounds in just two months. By complying with The flat Belly settle for just 21 days, you deserve to purportedly shed a far-reaching amount that weight.


The 7-Minute flat Belly Protocol: This eBook teaches you just how a simple, 7-minute exercise can assist you flatten her belly. The no an enig that abdominal workouts deserve to tighten her belly. Some human being perform ab exercises daily to keep a level belly. In this eBook, friend can uncover a simple, 7-minute practice you have the right to perform at home 4 or 5 days per week come flatten her belly. Return Todd insurance claims his regime can assist people lose weight without exercising, he likewise claims working out can improve the weight loss benefits.


Flat Belly settle Smoothie Recipes: Smoothies deserve to be packed with superfoods, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and also herbal extracts – every while help you feeling full and also eat less. This recipe publication teaches you the ideal smoothies to do for load loss.


Coaching: once you to buy The flat Belly resolve today, you get accessibility to one month of an individual coaching indigenous Todd and also his team. This personal coaching can teach girlfriend customized exercises and also weight loss strategies to maximize the efficiency of The level Belly fix program.

Access to personal Facebook Group: after buying The flat Belly Fix, friend get accessibility to a personal Facebook group featuring other world who have purchased The level Belly Fix. You deserve to share your success, interact with others, and share advice to enhance the program.

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The flat Belly fix Pricing

The flat Belly settle is priced in ~ $37.


You get instant accessibility to the routine after you buy it. All commodities are digital, and also you have the right to download the eBooks immediately after your purchase is confirmed.

The level Belly fix Refund Policy

The flat Belly solve is backed by a 60 day refund policy. You can request a finish refund ~ above The level Belly fix within 60 days if you’re unsatisfied through the regimen for any reason.

If you did not experience powerful weight loss within 60 work of following The level Belly Fix, or if you’re unhappy v the advice for any reason, then you have the right to request a finish refund.

About Rogue Syndicate Inc.

The level Belly deal with is released online through a agency named Rogue Syndicate Inc. That firm partnered with Clickbank to offer the load loss manual.

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Rogue Syndicate, Inc. Is based in brother Columbia, Canada. The agency is led by Todd Lamb, who is likewise the co-founder the PureLife Organics Inc. Todd claims to have actually 17+ years of experience as a police officer. Countless of the strategies in The level Belly settle are techniques he used during his job in regulation enforcement.