Since Buffalo Wild Wings very first opened that doors in Columbus, Ohio in 1982, the fast-casual titan has actually redefined what it means to be a chain restaurant in America. By combining all things boozy and also fried through a command center’s worth of HD televisions because that watching sports, Buffalo Wild Wings has quickly end up being one that America"s most ubiquitous chains.

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Of course, nobody of this would’ve been possible without B-Dubs’ wings, sauces, and also seasonings. Whether your choice is spicy, sweet, or something in between, Buffalo Wild Wings has you covered. But as the company’s name suggests, these aren’t your mean wings—they’re wild wings. This qualification raises the question: i beg your pardon of the chain’s 22 sauces and seasonings is truly the wildest? We set out to answer this question, creating once and also for every what it method to be wild.

So just how does one qualified wildness? There’s,of course, a summer sprouts component, yet it’s a secondary quality as soon as assessing. Once we speak wildness, we’re looking at three distinctive criteria:

1. The odor Level:How lot punch a sauce or seasoning package in each bite is among the secrets to identify wildness. Sure, a soup can provide tons of spice, however can it also bring the BBQ or garlic or curry advertised in that is name, too?2. Unanticipated Elements and also Flavor Combos: This component measures how well details flavors in sauces go together, as well as accounts because that anything hitting the taste buds that’s either unexpectedly great or poor that no advertised.3. Exactly how Well Its surname Represents It: nobody likes a deceptive sauce (especially if the sweetly titled sauce ends up scorching her tongue instead), for this reason we additionally included a grade because that sauces and seasonings based upon how accurately they’re named.

And now, without additional ado, every Buffalo Wild wing flavor, ranked through wildness.

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19. Teriyaki

The greatest thing come know around Buffalo Wild Wings’ take on teriyaki is that the name is vaguely accurate. When it hits the basic flavor points, teriyaki obsessives (we’re looking in ~ you, Seattle) will certainly be disappointed that this iteration isn’t the platonic right of the sauce: It packs too lot ginger and also sweetness if skimping top top the sesame and also umami.