Teyana Taylor mirrors on motherhood, music and also why her star rotate in Kanye"s "Fade" video could only have actually happened now.

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Teyana attract a coat, bodysuit and boots by Yeezy Season 4

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On august 28th, Kanye West take it the phase at the MTV video clip Music Awards. The network had given him four minutes the airtime to do with as he preferred -- one more presidential stump speech? A new dig in ~ Taylor Swift? Instead, after ~ a couple of words, he premiered the video clip for The Life that Pablo track "Fade." The song"s famed artist was completely overshadowed by the clip, a Flashdance-inspired choreographic tour de pressure featuring a single dancer: Teyana Taylor.

"It was a do-or-die moment where i was like, "I"m walking to dance my fucking love out,"" Taylor recalls. She sexy, athletic power was riveting, and also it instantly kicked off a storm that Twitter praise from anyone from Chrissy Teigen to Kim Kardashian West to Jennifer Beals it s her -- no to cite a the majority of vows to obtain to the gym. "I honestly don"t feel like "Fade" would have had the same result had I simply been 21, warm body, single," Taylor says. Because that her, the just-under-four-minute short, which, in addition to her incredible dancing additionally features she fiancé Iman Shumpert and also their nine-month-old daughter Junie, is around the strength of women and also her journey as an artist.

"It was an ext than simply dancing in a sporting activities bra and a thong," she says. Come hear Taylor tell it, her power was one aerobic answer to the question every functioning woman hears at some point: deserve to you have actually it all? and also Taylor"s prize is a resounding "Yes." "You deserve to be superwoman. You have the right to have it all, that balance in her relationship, your family and your career. It"s the opposite of the cliché that says youngsters will sluggish you or your career down." She credits she struggles and successes together both a musician and a mother as the factor why Kanye chose her because that the video. "Being signed come his label for four years, and Kanye being choose a big brother to me, he"s seen whatever that I"ve been through," Taylor says. "He was like, "It"s for this reason dope since y"all therefore young and y"all fresh, however then y"all got the baby and the championship."" (Shumpert is a part of the 2016-NBA-title-winning Cleveland Cavaliers.) She adds, "I think that provided him the idea of wanting come see us all in the video together."

Teyana put on a hat by Tomihiro Kono and also earrings by chris Habana

Taylor"s connection with Kanye is long-standing, going ago to 2010 and the recording of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. A meeting to talk fashion (specifically therefore Taylor can give West her opinion top top some practice Balmain) ended up with her adding vocals to the monitor "Dark Fantasy" and also "Hell of a Life." She climate joined up through G.O.O.D. Music in 2012, and released she debut album, VII, through them in 2014.

The VMAs were only the start of one eventful September for Taylor. Complying with "Fade," Taylor released she remix that West"s "Champions," complete with a stop-motion video clip created from hundreds of photos that again featured she enviable physique -- this time dipped in gold. She was also everywhere during brand-new York Fashion Week, including the runway.

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Just a week after "Fade" dropped, Taylor to be walking in the much-anticipated Yeezy Season 4 display at Roosevelt Island. The Vanessa Beecroft-designed manufacturing was controversial, with some models fainting and struggling come negotiate the catwalk. "I was nervous together hell," recalls Taylor. However not because that the factors you"d think -- heat and heels were nothing contrasted to the an overwhelming prospect of go in former of Anna Wintour. "I observed the posture, I observed the bangs, I witnessed the bob and also I experienced the shades, and also I said, "Anna"s here,"" Taylor recalls. "That"s once my nervousness yes, really turned up. Ns love Anna. I"m obsessed v her. So, to recognize she to be there, that she knows who I am..." She trails off, the substantial smile top top her challenge a clear indication of she feelings about her idol (who also got a namecheck in she "Champions" verse).

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Teyana attract a bathing fit by Norma Kamali

While the fall of 2016 has seen Taylor"s star explode, she"s solid a rookie. Born and raised in Harlem, the 25-year-old Taylor has been a part of the pop society consciousness for nearly a decade. In ~ 16, she signed a record address Pharrell"s Star Trak Entertainment and appeared in an episode of MTV"s My super Sweet Sixteen, wherein she threw an "80s- and "90s-inspired skater bash. Together a teenager, she also created choreography because that Beyoncé"s "Ring the Alarm" video clip and danced in Jay Z"s 2007 "Blue Magic" video.

Starting your career together a teenager working through a roster the bona fide music industry titans have the right to have that is drawbacks. "I never had actually the time to fail, to fall and also get earlier up and shot again," she says. "People would get up ~ above me, like, "You"ve to be doing the for seven years now, friend might also give up."" when she released singles and also mixtapes end the years because signing v Pharrell in 2007, her first album didn"t show up until 2014. In the interim, her an individual problems regularly made more news 보다 her music, including a (now-resolved) feud with Rihanna in 2013 and the “very public and also humiliating and embarrassing heartbreak and breakup" of she last relationship. Throughout this timeframe, Taylor, choose the remainder of us, observed the climb of social media and also its capacity to provide connection v others but likewise expose us to an limitless stream the criticism. She"s an active user ~ above Twitter and also Instagram and also says she"s learned exactly how to navigate the pitfalls and trolls that come hand in hand v success. "All you have the right to do is save shining. Friend can"t speak something and also think mine legs space going to stop, my voice is going to stop, mine hunger is going come stop," she says. "I"ll it is in hurt for five minutes, but I"m walk to save going hard."