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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge might be two generations old, yet it’s still a qualified beast that’s worth your time. So regardless of whether you’ve gained an S7 edge you’re happy to hold on to, or you’ve simply spotted a bargain, you most likely want her S7 leaf to critical you a great while — and a huge part that a device’s longevity is having capable protection.

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We’ve already highlighted a totality bunch of an excellent Galaxy S7 Edge instances that will keep your phone fine protected, but what around the screen? A bent 5.5 inch of display is a lot, and no one desires to it is in viewing your Twitter feed through a spiderweb of cracked, scratched, or dirty glass. That’s why we’ve placed together a list of the finest Galaxy S7 Edge display screen protectors the you have the right to buy to store your phone looking together pristine as the day you bought it.

Otterbox Alpha Glass ($12)


Otterbox is the brand you rotate to for exceptional protection, and that reputation uses just too to Otterbox’s collection of display protectors. The Otterbox Alpha Glass is a tempered glass display screen protector, so you deserve to trust that to take it more major blows 보다 a film protector, while it’s also been treated to ensure that doesn’t shatter should the worst happen, keeping its shape and also preventing glass shards indigenous injuring users. It’s straightforward to apply to the screen, maintain the AMOLED display’s clarity, and curves approximately the S7 Edge’s signature curved edge.


Spigen Curved decision HD ($25)


Looking because that something a tiny less heavy-duty 보다 a tempered glass display screen protector? Spigen is another well recognized name v a an excellent reputation, and also its curved Crystal display protectors room a an excellent addition come Spigen’s range. They’re do from pet film, and come with whatever you need to connect them quickly and also easily — Spigen even has a guide video to help. The protector fully covers the front and also sides of her phone, including the capacitive buttons, and also comes through no palliation of clarity or touchscreen sensitivity. Film won’t take it a punch quite like tempered glass will, however it will protect versus greasy fingerprints, boy scratches, and also keep dust from coming into call with your screen. Best of all — it’s a twin pack.

Spigen Amazon

Ringke Invisible Defender ($12)


Do you want even an ext coverage? you can’t handle more coverage! just kidding, friend can entirely get the from Ringke’s Invisible Defender. Make from PET, like the Spigen movie protector, this Ringke protector comes with two additional wings on either side the wrap approximately your phone, keeping dust and also dirt from gaining underneath the protector. Because it’s therefore thin, it functions well with any protective case you might be using, and also helps produce a fully sealed-in feeling. It’s make from non-yellowing product to thwart that older display screen protector look, and also it even comes in a twin pack, simply in situation you need a replacement.

Ringke Amazon

InvisibleShield Glass Curve ($55)


Another good name with a heavy reputation, InvisibleShield is primarily recognized for the top quality of its display protection — and also the Glass Curve is perhaps the finest example of why the is. It’s make from 9H-hardness-tempered glass through a multi-layer construction, making the supremely tough and resistant to damage, it’s gently curved to enhance your phone’s edge, and the height quality glass guarantee the display’s clarity shines through. It’s smudge-resistant, and comes with a end up that’s smooth to the touch — and the tabbed application method you have the right to see exactly where you’re using your protection. It’s expensive, but it’s likewise covered by a life time guarantee.

InvisibleShield Amazon

Skinomi Techskin complete Coverage Protector ($13)


Still not enough coverage because that you? inspect out this protector from Skinomi that covers the entire S7 Edge, front-to-back and also edge-to-edge. Follow to Skinomi, the Techskin protector is make from a one-of-a-kind film supplied to safeguard luxury cars, military aircraft, and even an are shuttles. Suddenly dispersing it throughout your whole phone provides sense. The won’t administer much protection versus larger bumps and drops, yet it will provide great all-around scrape protection, and also keeping those unsightly fingerprints far from her phone’s glossy body. It’s pretty lot invisible once applied, and has an anti-yellowing layer to stop unsightly aging.

Skinomi Amazon

Zizo Tempered Glass display Protector ($14)


Want the protection of glass, yet don’t want the hassle or the high price sign of some? Zizo’s tempered glass display protector comes through the 9H hardness you suppose from a glass screen protector, doesn’t impair display clarity, and doesn’t reduced down ~ above the responsiveness of the touchscreen. The comes v an easy-install tray because that super-easy and fast installation, it’s colored to complement your S7 Edge, and since this is glass, the should defend your display for a lengthy time. Those room a lot of of attributes for a very reasonable price.

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Zizo Wireless Amazon

Top trade US Tempered Glass Privacy Protector ($8)


Sick of emotion like world are looking in ~ your display from the corner of your eyes? need to safeguard your privacy if you’re out and also about? examine out this privacy-focused display screen protector that places a filter over your screen that method it can’t be watched from angles of over 90 degrees. That does dim the display screen a little, however if you must keep your bank details or clandestine meetings secret, climate that’s a tiny price come pay. It’s made from film, and resists scratches and grease well, and also the one-of-a-kind design method it matches the watch of her phone perfectly.