My life has been messy lately - I’ll it is in honest. I have struggled. I’ve cried. I’ve broken down a few times. I’ve questioned. I have doubted. I’ve feared. I have felt overwhelmed… and also a little lost. I’ve to be impatient, kind of controlling, judgemental, negative, and also defeated.

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Maybe you’re feeling like this too… Down, overwhelmed, fearful, worried, sad… Or probably you’re not. Probably life is great, and everything is fine. Ns don’t understand what you’re going through, yet I do know some things you can need come hear no issue where she at. I desire you to soak this words in. It’s not some cliche, cheesy stuff either; the truth, and also it comes from the heart. It’s specifically what ns have had actually to tell myself over and also over again. Ns hope they help you too:

1. You can do it, and also you’re going come crush it.

Whatever it is that you have to acquire done, you got it. You deserve to handle it. You are capable. Not just are you going to get every little thing done, you’re going come crush it. You going come knock it out of the park.

2. You have actually a purpose, and God’s acquired a arrangement for you.

Sometimes in life you may question why girlfriend matter. Periodically you might wonder why you here. But understand the there is a factor you’re living, breathing, and soaking up these words best now. There’s large things in store for you. God had you in mind before you were also a thought right here on earth.

3. You space special, worthy, and loved.

It’s straightforward to compare yourself and size yourself up to those approximately you, but understand the you are among a kind. She worthy, you’re enough, and also you room so loved by the One that matters. No one else has all that you have.

4. Friend don’t need to be choose everybody else.

Stop reasoning you have to conform to culture and do what everyone else is doing. Be your own person, and also pursue those on your heart - even when that way going against the typical path.

5. Action now, and also stop shoving those points off come the side that God is placing on her heart.

I’ve uncovered myself over and over saying the I’ll wait to dive into every little thing God has actually put on mine heart till I feel favor everything’s where it should be. I basically tell God, “Yes, yet not now.” This an extremely thing can keep us from fulfilling what God is calling us to perform today. If God’s informing you that time, action now. Go for it. Quit holding ago when oh my gosh calling you today.

6. Everybody has actually messes. Don’t think you alone in yours.

A most the times it’s easy to believe that other human being have the figured out. I think world have this mindset towards me sometimes, yet just because I compose blogs to help others doesn’t average I don’t require help. I’ve acquired stuff walking on, you’ve got stuff walking on, and also everybody’s gained stuff walk on. Remember: you space a mess, but likewise a masterpiece.

7. Prevent thinking you can not be happy till you gain to a certain point.

I gain stuck in dreaming around where I desire to be fairly than concentrating on wherein I to be now. If it’s good to dream and have objectives for the future, it’s additionally important to look up and also out come what you have actually now. Quit postponing your passions. grab what you have today, and also make the many of it.

8. You execute you, baby boo. Avoid trying to admire a crowd the you deserve to never fully satisfy.

I to speak “you perform you,” due to the fact that a lot of us don’t do us. We perform what us feel others want us to say, think, or feel. We want to acquire the approval of various other people, yet when us risk giving up our uniqueness, we additionally risk offering up our excellence.

9. Cry. Allow it all out. Stop rejecting what girlfriend feel. Open up up. But don’t sit in it to the allude of self-pity.

I’ve had actually a few breakdowns lately, and those are totally okay if that’s what you feeling. Be open. Call the truth. Be genuine with just how you feel, but don’t enable yourself to sit in remorse or me pity. Identify the pains or the pain, melted a few tears, and then do a arrangement to move forward.

10. You are freaking amazing. Top top the inside, and on the outside. Own what you have. Yes no one the is what friend are.

There’s not a solitary soul top top the planet made precisely like you. You are your own person, and also you were designed for a unique purpose. Possibly you aren’t the smartest or the skinniest or the funniest, but you no made to dimension yourself up. You’ve been made to do the many of what you have actually - to make use of every talent God has provided you come the fullest. So take on who you room on the inside. Embrace who you room on the outside. Girlfriend rock. Currently you just have to believe it.

So ns don’t understand where you’re at in life. Ns don’t recognize where girlfriend come from, and I don’t know your background… but I do understand this: all of these things space real, and they space true. And when you are in alignment through Christ, your assignment i do not care much more clear.

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Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be offered to you as well.”

He had you yesterday, He has actually you today, and He’ll have actually you forever. Faith first, mine friend. Every the remainder will fall into place.