Taylor Swift wearing variety of Neil roadway platinum and also diamond jewelry in "Look What you Made Me Do" photograph Taylor Swift/YouTube

Celebrity every the jewelry in Taylor Swift’s new Video from six numbers to $65, ‘Look What you Made Me Do’ is a treasure trove

by Marion Fasel

If you do not desire to acquire an ear worm, perform not listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What girlfriend Made Me Do.’ Actually, that’s probably impossible. The video was released shortly after 8pm Sunday night at the VMAs. Twelve hrs later, the track to be the an initial thing i heard at my heart Cycle class on Monday morning. By mid-day, the net was going crazy over every the symbolism in the vid. If you need to kill a couple of hours, dive down the rabbit hole of stories online decoding the disses on Tay’s enemies and also tags for she friends.

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All of this, however, is not our narrative. We are here, obviously, to identify the buckets of jewelry in “Look What girlfriend Made Me Do.” The pieces in the multi-scene video variety in price native “if you need to ask…” come $65.

Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift is wearing range of platinum and also diamond jewels indigenous Neil roadway while she soaks in a bathtub of bling. It was reported by The new York Post’s web page Six the the jewelry to be valued at $10 million dollars and the bathtub was “chock full of authentic diamonds.” when the necklace floating near her head on the left looks choose fine jewelry, i think it’s safe to speak the vast bulk of what’s in the bathtub is not the real deal. (See the Neil Lane piece in information in the picture at top.)

Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

In the snake scene, Taylor is decked the end in line jewels, numerous snake jewels. The best piece is a white and also yellow gold Serpenti necklace by Bulgari. The is price upon request which is jewel speak for very expensive.

Photo Bulgari

The Bulgari necklace worn by Swift is set with over 10-carats that marquise and also brilliant-cut diamonds and 71-round and also pear-shape rubies.

Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

Detail of Swift’s hand extended in line rings. A double finger ruby ring by Lydia Courteille is on her ring finger. A diamond and rose gold ring by Borgioni is ~ above her center finger. A diamond line ring native Gilan is on her thumb. (These pieces room not to be puzzled with the $60 costume draft being marketed on Taylor’s website through the album merchandise.)

Photo courtesy the Lydia Courteille, Le Vian and Borgioni

Detail shots that the ring by Lydia Courteille, Le Vian and also Borgioni, Taylor Swift wears.

Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

Detail of Swift mirroring the Bulgari Serpenti necklace and mother-of-pearl and also gold Bulgari Serpenti bracelets as well as snake gold and also diamond rings and bracelets by Borgioni and a ruby twin finger ring by Lydia Courteille.

Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

In a scene v her Grammy, Swift attract a Lydia Courteille gold and also diamond ear cuff and snake bracelet in her hair.

Photo Lydia Courteille

The Lydia Courteille snake diamond bracelet Swift attract in her hair.


Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

In the Bird Cage scene, Swift sings on a waver in the Edie Hoops by Jenny Bird ($65) and a yellow vermeil Quill Cuff by Shaun Leane.

Photo Taylor Swift/YouTube

In the biker scene, Swift sports The Choker in High polishing by Jenny Bird ($125).

Photo YouTube

When Swift addresses her girl squad, she is wearing a choker that matches she patent animal leather ensemble and also ebony and also diamond hoops by Borgioni.

Swift attract Shaun Leane black diamond Saber earrings and a Noudar black color diamond dual finger ring through her “Rep” ensemble.

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See every one of the jewel in Taylor Swift’s “Look What you Made Me Do” video from her new album Reputation.

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