AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — through their red, white and also blue tutus and also Taylor Swift T-shirts, Rachel Emling and also Mikala Crews were every little thing Formula One want at the U.S. Cool Prix: young fans that would travel across the country for a mix of pop stars and fast cars.

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Tens of thousands packed into the Circuit that the ameri on Saturday night because that Swift"s only concert the the year in ~ Formula One"s only race top top American soil.

Formula One"s score in booking Swift to be to hook a new generation of pan to their sport in America, long thought about an untapped market for the an international racing series. Landing fans like Emling and also Crews, NASCAR pan from Jacksonville, Florida, was specifically what they hoped for. They come for the concert and also love the cars.

"We"ve to be watching a little bit. It"s cool," claimed 20-year-old Emling, who claimed they"ll return because that Sunday"s race. "We favor racing."

Formula 1 roars ago into Austin with Taylor Swift, Usher

The gyeongju weekend reserved her display after Saturday qualifying and before Sunday"s race. One team watching is Liberty Media, the American team that is taking over Formula One"s commercial entity and also will be looking for ways to grow the sport. Monitor president Bobby Epstein had actually predicted as plenty of as 40,000 would be lured in by Swift.

The concert to be a large opportunity because that the singer together well. Swift"s challenge was splashed all over publicity efforts for the race that promoters expect will draw 250,000 this weekend just as Swift is rumored to it is in close to releasing a brand-new album. And also she"s no alone in the music lineup. Usher and The root were booked to play in ~ the monitor after the race Sunday night.

But Saturday night belonged to Swift as she dazzled fans with collection that ran about 90 minutes, full of access time from she previous albums. The just stumble to be a cold she said acquired three work earlier. In ~ one point, she stopped in between songs to blow her nose.

Haas F1 Team hoping for homecoming environment in Austin

She also acknowledged the global makeup of she crowd the danced and also sang throughout her set.

"This present is yes, really important since we have world from anywhere the world," she told the crowd. "Thank you for that."

Swift also sang "This Is What You came For," a smash struggle by her ex Calvin Harris special Rihanna. The piano power of the tune was notable provided that Swift only revealed the she co-wrote the tune with Harris under a pseudonym after ~ the pair damaged up, leading to Harris come angrily lash the end at her on Twitter.

Swift attracted a mix of fans young and old, from gyeongju fans curious to thousands more who came exclusively to see her.

After Saturday"s qualifying ended, young girls with their parents and also packs the young women began filing right into the stadium. Castle stood in line at food and also drink vendors alongside the die-hard race fans dusty from sitting all day in the grass berms about the track.

Charlene Frollo that Austin carried her daughter in a gaggle the girls, every aged 9 or younger. Together a group, lock wore pink and also white "Swiftie" shirt Frollo had actually designed herself. Lock arrived well after the day"s main occasion on the racetrack but still got to see some of the assistance races and hear the cars growling around the circuit.

Lewis Hamilton earns pole in ~ Formula One U.S. Grand Prix

"It to be fast. The was choose "RRRRRRRR,"" stated 8-year-old Brie Bauman.

Would they choose to watch more?

"Yeah, i guess so," said 7-year-old Avery Frollo.

Charlene Frollo claimed her husband and sons will be coming ago for the Sunday race, but was glad the girls obtained to experience something new.

Don Burger, a Formula One pan from mountain Antonio, carried his 22-year-old daughter who wanted to check out Taylor Swift. She"s not a gyeongju fan yet he thinks he sees a twinkle of interest after gaining her out to the track.

"She stand it when I placed it on TV in ~ home," citizens said. "I think she"s a little more interested 보다 she was before. She flipped with the program. She told me the other day, "I"m in reality looking front to the racing, too."

Race pan Cody Crochet involved the race from Houston. Swift will certainly be the takeaway that the weekend for some fans. For him, it"s quiet all around the gyeongju Sunday.

"It"s a good show, but I"m still about the cars," Crochet said.

As for the Formula One drivers, part wanted to view Swift. Rather planned come stay far away the night prior to they race.

"I"m walk to try to. I know Taylor a small bit. She"s amazing. I"m a huge fan of hers," stated Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, the two-time defending Formula One champion.

Not Romain Grosjean. The Haas F1 driver plan to obtain away indigenous the track.

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"I choose to have actually a very quiet dinner and also a glass of red wine. I"m French," Grosjean said.