Pop star Taylor Swift's lawsuit versus ex-radio DJ David Mueller, who she alleges groped her, has raised awareness around sexual assault, and also the questioning victims confront when they take it legal action.

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Perhaps inevitably, provided her high profile and also her legions of fans, it's additionally sparked a debate around the arts of court sketches.

Many have criticised the court art, suggesting that the illustrations look nothing like Taylor Swift - or joking the the artist should be a fan of her rival, Katy Perry.

Courtroom lay out Artist reflects Taylor Swift in Court. Or Is the Martha Stewart??? pic.twitter.com/2ieSFsWqXL

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And it's not the an initial time court sketches have been mocked online - sketches that pharmaceuticals CEO martin Shkreli and also NFL player Tom Brady have also seen their fair share of memes and also comments.

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Tom Brady's #DeflateGate court sketch. Is that an epos fail or nah? We're talking around it #LIVEonLocal12 News in ~ 5:30 pic.twitter.com/k1MqiyrYv1

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But actually, court sketches play critical role in contemporary trials - and the artists say there's a lot an ext to the task than just sketching a likeness.

While cameras are enabled in plenty of US courts (and part trials are even televised), cameras are banned from commonwealth courts.

Instead, court artists are supplied to capture crucial moments of the attempt - including a speaker's expressions, emotions and body language.

Artist wilhelm Hennessy Jr, who has covered high-profile trials including those of kris Brown and Mike Tyson, states it's a an obstacle because "nobody's over there to pose for you".

Celebrity court instances are an especially tough since "the more people understand the individual, the more an important they're most likely to be - so the press is on for you to get the likeness accurate".

Image source, wilhelm Hennessy Jr
Image caption, invoice Hennessy sketched Donald and Melania Trump at Neil Gorsuch's investiture in the supreme Court

"You desire to think journalistically - you're giving a visual because that a story," he tells the couchsurfingcook.com. "You desire to do it in context and provide a feeling of what a courtroom is like."

After lock sparked dozens of memes online, she apologised because that "not making him as good-looking together he is" and said she had actually been "under a most pressure come work an extremely quickly".

She did try again - and also people to be pretty happy v her monitor up initiative - through one newspaper saying she had actually nailed it.

Christine Cornell, a court artist who sketched the invoice Cosby trial, agrees the job entails "hideous deadlines".

"You have to gain it down an extremely fast - essentially the hearing's over is once they want the drawing," she speak the couchsurfingcook.com.

Image source, Getty Images

She states the the very least amount of time she's had to execute a sketch is about half an hour, back "an hour is much more typical".

As if the time press isn't bad enough - periodically courtrooms space so crowded the artists can hardly see the human being they're expected to it is in drawing.

"The ideal hearings are without a jury, as soon as the referee may allow the artist to sit in the jury box - then you're actually looking at the deals with of the civilization you're drawing," multiple sclerosis Cornell says.

"However, if you're coming in for a listening you're going to be placed in the general public area - in which instance you're looking in ~ the back of everyone's heads.

Image source, Christine Cornell

In those cases, she says, court artists should be good at recording a person's face from quick glances.

"He may turn to speak come his attorney before the judge comes in, because that 30 secs - you might see his challenge when that walks in through the door and also turns to challenge the former - those space the moments you wait for so you can record their likeness."

In the case of the invoice Cosby trial, she to be designated a chair behind a pillar - which she describes as "drawing under the really worst the circumstances".

Luckily, she had practised illustration him throughout the pre-trial hearings whereby she was enabled in the jury box - "so I can draw him an extremely well with just brief glimpses".

Image source, Christine Cornell

In the UK, many courtrooms ban cameras - and artists space prohibited from sketching civilization in court as component of the 1925 criminal righteousness act.

Julia Quenzler, a court artist in the UK, said the couchsurfingcook.com in a ahead interview the she would certainly write quick notes about the hair, face features, clothing and body language the the key players, before scuttling off to the press room to commit the image to paper.

Many judges are against the idea, saying that that it will adjust how people behave in court, intimidate witnesses, and make judges and lawyers more likely to perform for the cameras.

Others though argue that cameras would allow more transparency - and give the general public a better insight into exactly how the judiciary operates.

Ms Cornell says that "photos are very unfair in the courtroom, whereby there's an alleged to be a presumption the innocence".

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Sketches are much less intrusive, and also capture "a mix of moments fairly than one moment", whereas a photo or quiet of someone's expression can be taken the end of context, she says.