We’re back with the second part of the finish walkthrough because that Tricky test 2, the impressive puzzle game that pressures you think external the box. Make certain to check out the an initial part here in case you missed it. In this article, we have the Tricky check 2: Think external walkthrough for levels 31 to 60, i m sorry is the second half of levels in the game.

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So without further ado, let’s inspect out the complete solution below due to the fact that things get even more facility in the second fifty percent of the game!

Level 31: How many apples are there?Answer: shake your an equipment so all the apples loss from the tree. The answer is 7

Level 32: 7+7:7+7×7-7Answer: 50

Level 33: finish the sentence!Answer: traction the exclamation mark at the finish of “Do no touch here”

Level 34: enter the smallest feasible number because that this calculator.Tap 0 and also press Enter

Level 35: What’s the the very least possible variety of holes for this shorts?6

Level 36: rotate off the lamp againTilt your device to the left for a tiny bit and you will watch a switch. Tap it to turn off the lamp.

Level 37: Quick! that will you save?Tap both hands and also drag the hand upwards, climate release.

Level 38: follow the indict on the paper.Place your an equipment with the challenge down.

Level 39: find z1

Level 40: go into the biggest feasible number for this calculatorThis to be a tricky question. Madness 8, then turn your device to the left and press enter.

Level 41: uncover Jack’s car key!Turn your an equipment so it’s dealing with downwards and also all doors will certainly open. Choose up the key.

Level 42: Don’t allow others know you got an ace!Put her one finger over words “ace” and one end the A prize on the card.

Level 43: Let’s wake climbed up!Put one finger on every of the window shades and also drag lock apart.

Level 44: relocate only 2 oranges to form a squareMove the oranges come the height to the left and also right of the orange at the bottom (as viewed in the screenshot below):


Level 45: uncover x14

Level 46: If you have the right to only move 1 match, what’s the biggest possible number?Tap 909 and hit Enter

Level 47: 3 women each have actually 2 daughters are having dinner. What’s the least number of seats needed?7

Level 48: to smile at the camera as broad as you can!Drag words “smile” end the camera lens. Climate pinch your fingers over the lens to take the photo.

Level 49: insanity the fruits, from the smallest to biggest.Tap the cherry, then the pineapple.

Level 50: Tap an orangeDrag the orange fifty percent upwards, climate use two fingers to tap both orange halves at the same time.

Level 51: Hide the elephant againPut your device face under on a desk (or just turn it confront down).

Level 52: No smoking cigarettes here!Tap the left side of the cigarette and also slide end it to the best until you placed it off.

Level 53: relocate only one complement to make 4 cubes right into 3 cubesMove the complement in the middle vertically, as seen in the image below:


Level 54: show me the card underneath this card.Tap the native “This card” and swipe come the best to reveal it.

Level 55: please pay exactFirst, hold two fingers over the price tag and pull personal to break the price tag for this reason it’s simply $24. Then Tap $10 twice and also $2 twice.

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Level 56: If you deserve to now move 2 matches, what’s the biggest feasible number?51181

Level 57: eliminate 8 matches to kind 2 non-touching squares.Remove every the matches inside, as viewed in the image below:


Level 58: find w13

Level 59: complete the equation!249 + 318 = 567

Level 60: discover Y3

And this is it! We have actually now completed all the level in the game, but much more will be comes soon. Till then, we hope the our Tricky check 2 walkthrough was useful!