Scott Mann is a 25 add to year radio veteran through a job that started in the so late 80’s in upstate brand-new York. Since getting here in Myrtle beach in 1999, Scott has actually become very active in the community doing charity occupational for just around any legitimate cause that asks, consisting of the yearly “Marathon because that Meals”.

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Scott is also an extremely active in the music scene about town. That hosts two specialty programs on WYAV-FM; “The Blues Hangover” playing blues native the 1930’s with the present, and “Scott Mann’s Headshop” play Jamband music indigenous bands such together the grateful Dead.

“These things are cool: mine wife, my family, my dogs, my turtle, and my friends, The grateful Dead, classic Rock, live music especially Jam and Blues, organic food, mine job, peace.”

“These things space a drag: cancer, racism, homophobia, and also other varieties of hatred, negative music, really poor music, standard Rock song in commercials, the crap being placed in our food, war.”

Rick Roberts rocks the task site on wave 104.1. In Rick’s 25+ year career, he has actually spent time anywhere the region, working almost everywhere from Atlanta to Charlotte, and now he calls Myrtle coast Home. Stack is a father of a teenage daughter, a north Carolina sports fan, and also a large fan of all genres of music yet likes classic Rock the best. Stack is a large believer in community company often donating time to different area charities.

Tommy Collins is the host of the top-rated T&A Morning display on wave 104.1 in Myrtle Beach. As a 25+ year radio veteran, his experience and also candid feeling of feeling entertain thousands each morning. Once not ~ above the radio, the can often be uncovered hosting assorted shows on local television and even has experience with nationwide T.V. ~ above the TLC Network. Tommy is additionally a previous United says Marine and Gulf battle Veteran. He stays in Myrtle Beach with his wife and three children.

Amanda is native Marshville, NC, a little town right external of Charlotte. She was an official NFL cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers during the 2013-2014 season, prior to making her method to Myrtle Beach. Amanda has lived in the cool Strand for practically 5 years, and has grown her career in broadcasting through radio and television.

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Weeknights 7PM-Midnight & Saturdays 3PM-9PM

Charlie Steele rocks the night time on wave 104.1. Charlie made his method to the cool Strand from Louisville, KY. Once Charlie isn’t at occupational playing the cool Strands classic Rock, or house with his wife and their two dogs, you can find him bellied up to the bar city hall the Kentucky Wildcats, or the Cincinnati Bengals. Record him weeknights indigenous 7-Midnight.

Email Charlie: csteele