Chantal “Taly” Russell started SilverChair partner to be the greatest quality brand in executive, management Assistant/Personal Assistant job placement.

A longtime leader in administrative and also HR search recruiting in the unified States, Taly has met the needs of very selective firms and also individuals seeking support or assistant duties for over a decade. She offered on the executive Committee because that the last 6 years and having two an elderly roles in ~ renowned an international executive find firm, Glocap Search, from 2003-2012. Prior to that, Taly to be a casting Director in new York and also Los Angeles.

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Taly’s cross-industry competence, paired v her desire to cut down top top the job-related grind and find new opportunities come grow and also create, at some point inspired her to take it a leap of she own: she founded SilverChair Partners, a prestigious search firm that handles the best and also brightest Executive, an individual and chief of staff support functions for top tier clients in finance, media, technology, advertising, genuine estate, management consulting and also entrepreneurial. SilverChair Partners generally places professionals in NYC-based roles, but additionally has pick searches in san Francisco, Los Angeles and also globally (London based).

“I wanted a an ext balanced life for my colleagues and also myself the would assistance personal, continuous life changes, and also a working culture that welcomes and acknowledges each individual’s professional and personal needs,” Taly explained in a service News day-to-day entrepreneurship feature. The very first step? defining SilverChair Partners’ simple principles and also mindset indigenous the get-go, so the they could construct the strongest foundation possible. Because then, Taly has worked to build a company environment it is at as soon as collaborational and also supportive for every employees.

As one entrepreneur with a long background in find recruiting, Taly has cultivated a keen and multifaceted view on organization growth, team-building, and the prominence of investing in others’ talents (not to point out your own!). She founded SilverChair Partners because she listened to her gut and followed her own passion — and now she’s all set to re-publishing what she’s learned v budding entrepreneurs who are prepared to rotate their own organization dreams right into reality.

Taly was born in Zurich, Switzerland and also grew up in brand-new York City. She attended brand-new York University’s Stern School and graduated v a Bachelor’s level concentrating on Econ.

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As the founder and CEO of an “Ivy League” senior recruitment agency, Taly has actually been well-known as a leader in her industry. She is additionally highly active in a selection of nonprofit organizations, such together The Lung Cancer research Foundation, the environment-friendly Schools Alliance, ASPCA, Charity Water, and Stop Poaching Now.