The little song the was constructed on love that ended up being the wedding duet because that the world.Featuring will Anderson of Parachute, with 25 Million Streams on YouTube and also 4 Million… check out More 

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Forever seems choose a long timeBut naught seems like a long time as soon as I'm with youI feel choose I’m walking on waterSince the job that i asked her fatherTo let walk of his daughterSo offer me her blessing, sirI'll offer her all that I've gotIt no looks choose muchBut it sure feels favor a lotLet herTake mine heart and also take my handTake my heart and take mine handTake my heart and also take my hand again and also againRight wherein we standI've never ever really understand what love isBut everything it is i feel that in your kissYou waltzed in like somebody planned that allI feel right where i belongMy knees room weakMy love is strongSo gimme her word and also ill give you all I've gotNo we don't have actually muchBut it sure feels prefer a lot
So take it my heart and also take mine handTake mine heart and take mine handTake my heart and also take my hand again and againRight wherein we standTake my heart and take my handI'll be your lover and I'll be her friendTake my heart and also take mine hand again and againRight where we standOoh…too great to be trueI wanna spend my life v youI wanna invest my life through youOoh…too an excellent to it is in trueI wanna invest my life v youI wanna spend my life through you
The tiny song the was constructed on love that ended up being the wedding duet for the world.

Featuring will certainly Anderson that Parachute, v 25 Million Streams on YouTube and 4 Million streams top top Spotify, “Take mine Hand (The Wedding Song)” continues to accomplish ceremony and an initial dance needs around the world every day.


“This tune was such a happy accident. My best friend’s older brother was getting married and also I was singing in the wedding. I called on the aid of my good friend Christian Luthi (LUTHI) to create a song for your wedding. We taped a demo that it v the guy who, four years later, would come to be my HUSBAND. Us asked our best friend will certainly Anderson (Parachute) to record the male vocal in the duet and the track charted the job of release at #4 ~ above the iTunes Songwriter Charts. That went ~ above to have actually over 25 Million streams on YouTube and over 4 Million streams ~ above Spotify. I’ve acquired hundreds the thank-you’s and messages around it gift played in ~ weddings across the world.” –Emily

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