I chuckled in ~ this T-Mobile spot. She’s possibly not the many responsible babysitter. She fee $30, however the total was $50 after ~ the fees. There’s a pizza notified fee…we see the boy asleep ~ above a pizza box with half-eaten pizza. Then the dog sitting fee, through the daughter giving the dog a no so flattering cut. Ultimately the rummage v the closet fee, whereby the babysitter wears the woman’s high heels and also snarkily declares “we’re the exact same size…in shoes.” I typical who is she, Verizon? Haha. The avestor is Casimere Jollette, and the wife is heath Simpson.

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cj picknpaw says:

I think this commercial is hilarious. The first time I witnessed it, I had actually to back up the DVR, since I wasn’t payment close attention to the TV and also it move quick and it’s over. The actress (sitter) plays the component well. Me assured, issue of fact, Deserving?. The couple coming residence from your night the end are good too. I as well am tired of gotcha costs and fees nevertheless of the product or service.

I am amused every time it airs.

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Solomon Ulibarr says:
Marlene meinhard says:

The avestor is such a great actress that I discovered my me mad in ~ her, because of the story here. Ns wish the theme was a small different. It destroyed it for me when she claimed she rummaged threw a closet prefer it was okay and also charged a fee and took the owner sandals. You watch that’s no funny. I had a babysitter that went v my closets and also stole items and also molested my 2 sons. I’m i m really sorry you need to never hoax or think its okay to portray teens in together a an unfavorable way. Alot of adolescents are stricken v attitude and also think they room entitled to execute as they please. You re welcome don’t make thievery okay in your commercials. Its not funny.