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Lean muscle in a bottle? 6 load Abs in 1 Month! I save seeing this very same headline popping up almost everywhere Yahoo and other news feeds, and also it constantly leads me come the very same place. The ad, which attributes a title screaming “The rock Loves early Morning Workouts”, leader you come an post that talks around these 2 supplements that all of the significant Celebs space using. This claimed “article” in Men’s Life and also Fitness brags around a wonder stack that supplements referred to as No2 Blast and also T-90.

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The meat and potatoes of the short article goes into exactly how various A-list celebs space using this stack to gain insane results, shedding as lot as 40 lbs that fat and also gaining 20 lbs. Of muscle in much less then a month. It additionally chronicles the monthly change that among their chef editors, a man who gos by the name of Bryan Stevens, and also his remarkable results v these 2 supplements.

However, over there is a much more “seedier side” come this that many of you more than likely aren’t conscious of. Well get to the later, but let’s take it a look at at each of these supplements personal to gain a better understanding that what they’re supposed to do.

What is NO2 Blast?


Another point that makes it blatantly clear that this is an advertisement and not an actual Mens Health post is the truth that, no issue what attach or component of the web page you click on, you constantly end up getting redirected come the NO2 Blast website. inspect it out for yourself:

I think it’s pretty clear that it’s no the legit Mens Life and also Health website, however I just wanted to suggest it the end to you. Second, there is no reporter named Bryan Stevens that works for Mens Life and also Health. This is not the first time ns heard the name tossed around, there space several other of this scams that said he provided some miracle stack of additionally to totally transform his human body (including Ripped Muscle X and also Elite check 360).

The Biggest worry We Have

Apart from the fake article, and also the fake story line behind “Bryan Stevens” wonder transformation, there is another substantial problem we have actually with NO2 Blast and T-90. when you walk to click on one of the web links that bring away you come the 2 products, you’ll watch that the buttons to speak “Claim Your free Bottle”. That would suggest that you are obtaining a free sample that NO2 Blast and T-90 Xplode, right??? Well, not quite…

When you get to the main pages for NO2 Blast and also T-90 because that example, girlfriend are triggered to put in her shipping info. When you click submit, you space then taken to a web page that asks girlfriend to placed in a credit card number so you deserve to pay the usual $4.95 shipping fee. Not a huge deal, right? Well, if girlfriend forgot come scroll under a little bit you will see the complying with for NO2 Blast:


If friend can’t review them very well, I’ll spell it out for you. When you send your credit transaction card information to NO2 Blast, you have actually 14 days indigenous the work you ordered it to try it out. After ~ those 14 days are up, THEY will CHARGE THAT very SAME credit transaction CARD IN THE lot OF $89.41!!

The same goes for T-90, fairly speaking. With them, you additionally have 14 days to shot the product, and if you don’t cancel, lock will likewise CHARGE YOUR credit transaction CARD $82.61!!

I don’t know around you, yet when I watch the indigenous “Claim Your cost-free Bottle”, I mean to acquire just that…a free bottle. Not a duration of time to use it, no “Oh allow me invest $4.95 and then gain charged part ridiculous price 2 weeks native now”…I expect, FREE!!

I’ve seen literally thousands of other supplements the pull this trick, including Megadrox and also Testadrox, Spartagen XT, and Blackcore edge Max.

They pull you in with the allure the a complimentary sample, when certainly nothing might be additional from the truth!

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What space Your Options??

Well, if friend have currently ordered NO2 Blast and T-90, the an excellent thing is you’re not fully screwed. First, if you just ordered it and also you are 100% sure you don’t want it after analysis this, friend can give them a speak to to try and protect against the order. They will most likely tell you the it’s to be shipped already, and also that’s OK. as soon as you perform receive the bottles in the mail, i m sorry will more than likely be about 4 – 5 job after friend order, instantly call castle up and also tell them you desire to cancel.

They will shot EVERYTHING UNDER THE sunlight to try to get you to prolong you trial, or also buy it for a reduced fee. That decision is totally up come you, yet if you favor you have the right to simply tell them (politely of course!) the you don’t want the product and also that you intended on absolutely sending the back. Castle will worry you what’s well-known as an RMA, or Return goods Authorization #, which friend will need to label plainly on the exterior of the return package.

Make sure that you add delivery confirmation and tracking to your return order to be sure that they obtained the reverted product, otherwise they will certainly probably just throw it away and also say that they never ever received it.

If you acquired here after ~ the trial period has ended, you still have options. First, don’t call them up and start screaming at them the you never signed up because that it in the very first place and ask because that a refund. This will likely gain you nowhere, as their reps space very great at watching the TV or analysis a magazine together you space shouting in ~ them.

Instead, tell them that you will report them to your says attorney general office, too as document complaint v the far better Business Bureau. The danger that you will call your attorney general is much more then sufficient to have actually them refund your payment, AND friend won’t also have come send that back.


We view these fake ads and also articles constantly. It’s constantly some staff reporter dubbed Bryan Stevens, it’s practically ALWAYS the fake media website “Mens Life and also Health”, and also it’s always the exact same runaround v the totally free trials. The only distinction is the products…they readjust on a continual basis, and we execute our best to save you up to day on all of the latest scams choose this.

Whatever pretty confront it may put ~ above or what parcel it will certainly disguise chin as, a scam is a scam and also hopefully discovering what one looks favor is sufficient to teach civilization what come look out for and avoid in the future.

The question on everyone’s mental is quiet probably, “well, does NO2 Blast and also T-90 testosterone booster yes, really work?” Well, what perform you think? would a respectable firm that sells a legit product jump through hoops prefer they did over to shot and gain your business? Or walk they try to separate you from your money.

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It is not unlike a laundry perform of similar supplements come come and also go that fell due to the fact that of your shady company practices and overall absence of an efficient product.

My guess is the both of this supplements will certainly be lengthy gone sooner quite then later, and many of you will certainly be wishing you never ever ordered lock in the an initial place. The person who lives Beware!!