‘L&HHNY’ is wild! after ~ Swift asserted that Asia virtually gave him an STD, she fired back at him and also claimed that she never ever cheated! NOW, after part 1 of the reunion, Cardi B may be entailing herself in their heated social media feud! couchsurfingcook.com exclusively spoke through Swift that told united state what’s really going on! You have to hear this..

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After part one that the Love & i know well Hop brand-new Yorkreunion top top Feb. 20, the drama betweenSwiftStarand his ex,Asia Cole, escalated come unbelievable levels. Swift accused Asia of almost infecting him v an STD and also she denied ever cheating top top him. He claimed his test outcomes were clean, and also that hers were not. However, that accused Asiaof changing her story come say the doctors had made a mistake and that she was in reality clean. It’s every in the video, below, but we’ll acquire into an ext detail later.

Well, couchsurfingcook.com solely spoke with Swift that told us that the STD in concern is believed to it is in chlamydia. Yikes. Since he was apparently gaining cozy v Cardi B after every one of this, us asked if she had any knowledge around these harsh STD accusations.“Yes, she knew how Asia tried come play me and also she was mad top top my instead of ,” Swift told us. That’s why she threw her Gucci shoe at Asia’s face… you can watch that, here.

So, we obviously had to ask him just how Cardi found out around the entirety ordeal, and also this is where it acquired intense.“Cardi experienced the message messages when I let her usage my phone,” — message messages between Swift and also Asia saying over the alleged cheating and STDs. “She review my whole conversation with Asia and also saw the screenshot I sent of my clean check results. ,Cardiblurted it the end on the show, however every time, the producers reduced it out. Ns didn’t desire them to use it. It come out ~ above the reunion display too, however they cut it out since I asked castle to.” Uh oh…

That’s as soon as Swift apparently lost Cardi B together a fan; when he asked producers to cut the STD speak out that the reunion show, “Cardi walk on Instagram and also started composing what a dog i am,” Swift told us.

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‘Love & hip Hop Hollywood’ — see PICS

It’s to be a tumultuous few days as the drama’s been getting worse between Swift and Asia, so, let’s break this under for you: First,right after the reunion, Swift took to Instagram top top Feb. 22, wherein he claimed that Asia cheated on that inLondon and virtually infected him with an STD top top her go back to NY. Swift said that Asia asked that to acquire an STD check after her results came out positive, because that what he currently told couchsurfingcook.com is chlamydia. SO, when he stated his test outcomes came earlier clean, Swift claimed she readjusted up her story and claimed thatdoctors made a mistake and also that she to be clean as well.

Then, Asia required to Instagram after hearing his claims, and denied that she had cheated and contracted an STD. In a series of Instagram rants she preached to females not to let a man do what Swift supposedly did come her. She expressed exactly how much the supposedly hurt her, and continued come deny the she cheated. Asia even declared that she to be 7 months celibate.We’re certain this is much from over, so store coming back to couchsurfingcook.com for the recent on all things L&HH!