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Suzie is a character introduced in season 3 the the Netflix show, Stranger Things. She met Dustin Henderson in ~ Camp know Where, and also the two dropped in love. Unfortunately, Suzie resides in Utah, so they have to shot and continue to be in contact via radio. Return Suzie no seen lot throughout the show, she has a memorable scene with her friend Dustin the has got her popularity with the Stranger things fans.

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Suzie is a sweet and also quiet girl from Salt Lake City. Once Dustin comes house from camp and swears he has a girlfriend that is “hotter 보다 Phoebe Cates,” but his friends don’t believe him. However, once he finally gets in contact with her, they discover out that she is not just real but is perfect because that Dustin. For Suzie’s pajamas outfit, girlfriend will require a Pink Floral Night Gown, Trucker Hat, Pink Ribbon, Eyeglasses, yellow Earrings, Pink Hair Tie, Ceramic Microphone, and also Neverending Story Movie Poster.


Suzie - Stranger things Cosplay Costumes

Suzie is a really fun character to cosplay. Though a minor character in terms of display time, she provided viewers a first impression that was an ext than sufficient. Unlike other characters showing up in Stranger Things, Suzie only showed up in a solitary outfit ~ above screen. This means that everyone will certainly instantly understand who you dressing increase like. All you need is her pigtails, glasses, and also floral nightgown for the simple Suzie look. Pair that with some pink ribbons and also a radio microphone and also you will be fine on your means to involvement the team in Hawkins!

Suzie’s look won’t look complete unless she accompanied by she boyfriend, Dustin Henderson. There are numerous ways in i beg your pardon you have the right to make this watch unique, so get creative! You could have Suzie and Dustin in Camp understand Where shirts or you deserve to both organize radio microphones! who knows, you may save the world without even knowing it!

About Suzie - Stranger Things

Gabriella Pizzolo theatre Suzie in season 3 of the renowned Netflix show, Stranger Things. She visited a summer camp referred to as Camp understand Where and met Dustin Henderson. They found that they have a lot in common and became boyfriend and also girlfriend. The problem is, she stays in Salt Lake City, Utah while Dustin lives in Hawkins, Indiana. They need to start a long-distance relationship when summer camp ends. 

Suzie’s household is Mormon, for this reason she isn’t able come telephone she boyfriend. Luckily, Dustin is pretty an excellent at inventing things and also builds a big satellite called Cerebro, so your radio signals come to be boosted. As soon as Suzie no hear indigenous Dustin, she starts to think he has forgotten around her. If Dustin tries to reach Suzid, he demands to have actually a great excuse due to the fact that Suzie has been sit by the radio wait for hours!




gain the punkish look at of Kali, who is likewise known together Eight, native the 2nd season of Netflix series Stranger Things.

Billy - Lifeguard

continue to be cool as a lifeguard in the sun while dressed as Billy Hargrove native season 3 the Netflix"s Stranger Things.

Jonathan Byers

discover a costume choose Jonathan Byers, the oldest son the Joyce Byers and also older brother of will certainly Byers from Stranger Things.

Max Mayfield

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Lucas Sinclair

Survivor and component of the original group of friends, Stranger things character Lucas Sinclair is a brand-new cosplay option.

Dustin Henderson

obtain Dustin Henderson"s costume from the popular Netflix TV series, Stranger Things, together played by Gaten Matarazzo.

Will Byers

dress up in one outfit indigenous the 80"s as will certainly Byers, the character from Netflix"s Stranger things that was abducted.

Jim Hopper

dress in uniform together Jim Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, the Police Chief from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Eleven (Romper Look)

uncover your inner power and style dressed as Eleven in she romper from the 3rd season of Netflix"s Stranger Things.

Max Mayfield (Season 3)

conserve Hawkins once an ext dressed as Max Mayfield throughout the 3rd season the the Netflix present Stranger Things.

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Dr. Alexei

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