1 General1.1 What go the roster look at like?1.2 How can I choose the Old version of characters?2 What room all the different game execution for?

What does the roster look at like?

The Characters

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo permits you come choose amongst 16 readily easily accessible characters. Two of these are the initial playable characters from Street Fighter: Ryu, the game"s protagonist, who is a Japanese karate practitioner, and also his friend Ken, one more karate practitioner, who provided to be a clone but due to the fact that CE earn a few distinct special and also normal moves. Your gameplay revolves about their distinct projectiles, the Hadouken, and also their (originally) invincible anti-air move, the Shoryuken. Street Fighter II enabled 6 much more characters to be used, which were E. Honda, a sumo practitioner with an extremely damaging attacks, but bad mobility; Chun Li, a Wushu practitioner with rapid attacks and also movement, and also particularly good aerial attacks; Blanka, a savage fifty percent man fifty percent monster fighter indigenous Brazil with electric powers; Zangief, a Russian wrestler with slow-moving speed but very damaging long-range throws; Guile, a united state military operated in hand-to-hand combat; and also Dhalsim, a yoga practitioner native India who deserve to breath fire and also stretch his limbs to attack from a distance. The 4 bosses native the original game are additionally available: us Balrog/Japanese M. Bison, a former heavy weight boxing champion; united state Vega/Japanese Balrog, a Spanish torero that fights v a hand claw; Sagat, the boss from the original Street Fighter, a Muay Thai champion that can summon quick projectiles; and US M. Bison/Japanese Vega, a fast fighter v special powers and also dangerous combos. Four more characters had actually been included in SSF2 and also are still accessible in ST/X: Fei Long, a Bruce Lee clone with good speed and combos; Dee Jay, a Jamaican musician and fighter; T. Hawk, an American indian versed in wrestling; and Cammy, a brothers special pressure agent with fast attacks and walking speed. All these characters have distinct abilities and also weaknesses, giving a various experience as soon as you either use them of challenge them.

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The readily obtainable version that the characters can be derived by merely moving the cursor to the certain character and also pressing any button. Each of the buttons will give a various color, consisting of the start button, gift that secondary color deserve to be obtained by holding any kind of attack button. These characters have a move set which to be reviewed by the moment the game was released. However, the versions indigenous the previous game, SSF2, were still accessible through the usage of a code. These versions are dubbed "old versions", or "super versions". Note that "super" originates from the name of the ahead game and also not any special home these personalities may possess. In fact, many super versions room worse 보다 the reviewed, super Turbo/X versions of the character.

How have the right to I select the Old version of characters?

Old Characters

To select the old variation of a character, first choose that character, then automatically input the equivalent code. Every of the codes is composed of 4 directions (combinations of Up, Down, Left, or Right) adhered to by Jab or Fierce. In order to obtain the 2P color, get in the code with Jab+Short or Fierce+Short.There is in reality a pattern v the old personality codes. Because that Ryu v Guile, the password is the inverse because that the personality below. For example, Ryu"s code is RRRL, and also Ken"s is LLLR. This pattern is adhered to until you obtain to the four new challengers (Hawk, Fei, Cammy, Dee Jay). Rather of having actually top/bottom inverses, they have nearby (left/right) inverses. The top/bottom inverses begin again through the bosses.


O.Sagat, O.Ken, and O.Hawk room the just old personalities that are clearly much better than their brand-new counterparts. Despite losing their Super moves, and the capability to soften throws, they all gain an ext than sufficient to compensate for those loses.

O.Sagat is generally considered to be one of the best characters in the game. His Tiger Shots can zone opponents efficiently from full screen for entire rounds without them having actually a chance at getting in. He can throw a sluggish then fast Tiger Shot, and they both must be blocked and will carry out chip damage, and also there is no in-between structure for the foe to protect against the 2nd shot. And also he deserve to throw Tiger Shots in such a way, by an altering his patterns, that jumping at him will only acquire you smacked out of the wait by a Tiger Uppercut. O.Sagat is a ferocious pure zoning character.

O.Ken, while shedding his knee-bash, Super, and also jumping tool kick for really deceptive cross-ups, gains far better fireballs, diagonal line jumping Roundhouse cross-up and also dragon punches that space invincible until they with their corresponding apex. Ken"s invincible dragon punches offer him among the strongest close selection option selects in the game (the auto mix-up aka the shoto mix-up). And O.Ken"s Jab dragon punch is basically a universal tool for every little thing from footsies come anti-air. There room not many assaults at nearby range, that as soon as started on the same frame as O.Ken"s Jab dragon punch, that deserve to beat or even trade through it. O.Ken"s sweep also has significantly much better priority 보다 N.Ken"s.

O.Hawk has better normals almost across the board, every one of his Jabs are better, his low Roundhouse is much quicker to sweep opponents, his low strong doesn"t have a stray hit-box, and also his splash has actually a hit-box the is nearly twice as large as N.Hawk"s splash. The splash permits him come cross human being up through lethal damage and dizzy potential. O.Hawk additionally has better dragon punches, and linked with his far better normals, an ext than makes up because that his lose of a super throw and also the ability to soften throws.

O.Honda is carefully competitive contrasted to his N.Character counterpart, part say the he"s no as great overall, rather argue the O.Honda is far better than his N.Counterpart. O.Honda loses his command throw/ochio, HHS that breakthrough forward, his Super, and the ability to soften throws. He gains much better normals, HHS that deserve to be command right and also left, and also HHS the recover very quickly. O.Honda"s crouching Fierce beat knocks down, and all of his far standing kicks tear down which works marvels in footsies. O.Honda"s HHS recover conveniently enough that you deserve to use them come tick right into O.Honda"s throws and also holds really easily.

O.Ryu is a comparable case, is usually classed together the same, slightly above, or contempt less powerful than his brand-new counterpart depending on the player friend ask. Similar to old Ken, he has actually a completely invincible couchsurfingcook.com during the startup and energetic frames, as well having more active frames in general. His blue fireballs have a structure less startup and also recovery (this sound pretty little but the is fairly big), making him a an effective zoner. His mk and hk tatsu travel forwards at a much faster speed, make them much better vs Guile and Dhalsims fireballs, and also he likewise has the exact same buffs come his absent normals as old Ken. The air tatsu is additionally a beneficial tool in a pair of matchups together it can be set up come land together an unblockable half the time, while tho being for sure if blocked. He loses his overhead, juggle j mp, sirloin punch, and also super. But despite every this, old Ryu is still a strong character if used well, and in a lot of instances is much better than N.Ryu.

O.Chun, O.Boxer, O.Guile, O.Fei, and O.Dhalsim, all have actually enough advantages that they can be precious considering, and also still be thought about competitive, despite not almost as lot as your N.Character counterparts. Every one of them have had actually success in ~ competitive levels though it has actually been exceptionally limited. While none of these personalities are on the very same level as their far better halves they aren"t completely absent indigenous competitive beat either.

O.Cammy, O.Blanka, O.DJ, O.Dictator, and also O.Claw room not yes, really competitive at all compared to your N.Characters. Basically the just time friend will check out these characters being supplied is in casual play for fun. Some Japanese tournaments have actually a dominion where you get two slot to choose personalities with, but no duplicates room allowed. So occasionally you"ll see a Blanka player select N.Blanka and O.Blanka with his slots, rather than have his secondary be a different character.

--NKI 17:16, 11 April 2006 (CDT)--VirtuaFighterFour April 2010

The Japanese commonly use the letter S (for the "Super" in SSFII) instead of O to designate the use of one "old" character. If you"re city hall a video that"s actually from Hyper SFII/SFII:AE, girlfriend might also see W (for world Warrior, the original SFII), C or D (for Champion Edition, or "Dash" in Japan), H or T (for Hyper Fighting, or "Turbo" in Japan), and X (for SSFIIX:GMC, aka ST "new").

Old character Codes

Akuma - Code: (60 frames (roughly 1 sec) on each character) Ryu or Ken, Hawk, Guile, Cammy, Ryu or Ken, Start, climate you have 30f (roughly a half of asecond) come input every 3 punches simultaneously. They should be pressed on exactly the same framework (like a Lariat). You have the right to mash 3P to boost your chances.

Balrog (Boxer) - Old character code: →←←→ (O. Balrog)
Guile - Old personality code: ↑ ↓ ↓ ↓ (O. Guile)
Blanka - Old character code: →←←← (O. Blanka)
Ken - Old character code: ←←←→ (O. Ken)
Cammy - Old character code: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ (O. Cammy)
M. Bison (Dictator) - Old character code: ↓ ↑ ↑ ↓ (O. M. Bison)
Chun-Li - Old personality code: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↑ (O. Chun-Li)
Ryu - Old character code: →→→← (O. Ryu)
Dee Jay - Old character code: ↓ ↓ ↑ ↑ (O. Dee Jay)
Sagat - Old personality code: ↑ ↓ ↓ ↑ (O. Sagat)
Dhalsim - Old personality code: ↓ ↑ ↑ ↑ (O. Dhalsim)
T. Eagle - Old personality code: →→←← (O. T. Hawk)
E. Honda - Old personality code: ↑ ↑ ↑ ↓ (O. E. Honda)
Vega (Claw) - Old character code: ←→→← (O. Vega)
Fei long - Old character code: ←←→→ (O. Fei Long)
Zangief - Old personality code: ←→→→ (O. Zangief)

To pick the Old variation of a character, an initial pick the character together you generally would. As soon as you execute that, the video game will offer you 90f (roughly 1,5 seconds) to execute the particular code above, followed by either Jab or Fierce. Pressing brief simultaneously v the punch button will provide you the alternate color.--NKI 17:16, 11 April 2006 (CDT)

How carry out I choose Akuma in this game?

Akuma is playable together a an enig character. To select him, intake the complying with code in ~ the character an option screen:

Start v the character an option cursor end Ryu or Ken. Wait atleast 60 frames (roughly 1 second);NOTE: you deserve to move from Ryu come Ken and also vice versa throughout that small period of timeMove the cursor to T.Hawk. Wait in the same means (60f);Then relocate the cursor come Guile. Wait a quick while again (60f);After that, relocate to Cammy. Wait (60f);Finally, move the cursor earlier to Ryu or Ken. Wait one critical time (60f);NOTE: you deserve to move from Ryu to Ken and also vice versa throughout that small duration of timeAt this point, you might optionally relocate the cursor to any type of character. There"s no real reason to take it this unnecessary action unless you"re afraid you could get the code wrong and also want to choose a specific backup character in together a case;Now press start (the cursor can be on any kind of character), and also then really quickly after pushing start (you have actually up to 30f - roughly half a second), press all 3 beat buttons simultaneously. They must be pressed on the same framework (like a Lariat) therefore it"s feasible to miss out on it. Mash the 3 punches to increase your opportunity of success.

Since Akuma is taken into consideration an overwhelmingly-strong character, he"s prohibition in practically every tournament. Picking him outside of tournaments may additionally be frowned upon if the gamings are being played with any kind of kind of seriousness. Play as him should be done because that entertainment worth only.

--Raisin (May 6, 2007)

What walk the tier list look like?

There is no clear, definitive, universally agreed upon tier list for ST. Also a video game as old together ST, that come out in march of 1994, is quiet evolving. New, or updated, tier list have showed up in Japanese magazine Arcadia as recently as November of 2008. Below are 3 tier lists. The very first tier list is native the February 2008 issue of Arcadia magazine the ranked (some of) the characters in various tiers based upon player consensus and then was finalized by Gian (a height Japanese Dhalsim player). The personalities are arbitrarily lumped with each other in the first tier list (meaning they room not provided in order in ~ the tiers). The 2nd tier perform is a diagram, a match details chart, the ranked every N.Character in a ten suggest scale across the 15 different character matches. The third list is an personally ranked matchup chart excellent by assorted players mostly from the joined States.

Arcadia February 2008 Tier List:

SSS Rank:Akuma - incredibly powerful, can not be dizzied, red fireball deserve to lock characters down in the edge infinitely, is usually banned in every tournament

S Rank:O.Sagat, Dhalsim, Boxer, Claw, Chun

A Rank:Ryu, Dee Jay, Guile, O.Ken, Dictator, O.Hawk

B Rank:N.Ken, N.Honda, Fei-Long, N.Sagat

C Rank:Zangief, Cammy, Blanka, N.Hawk

The 2nd list is bespeak from optimal to bottom based on the ten allude scale. All of the personalities are N.Character versions in this list. The name next to each character is the player who was responsible for assigning the overall number of points to the character. The complete diagram, with much more information around how this list was formed, is available at Nohoho"s blog.

Arcadia November 2008 Chart

Dhalsim (Gian)+27Boxer (Tsuji)+19Claw (ARG)+18Ryu (Gotoh)+15Chun-Li (Nuki) +13.5Guile (Muteki)+9Dee Jay (yaya)+5Dictator (Taira)-5E.Honda (Kusumondo)-5.5Sagat (yaya)-5.5Ken (Aniken)-7.5Fei-Long (Yuubou)-7.5Zangief (Gunze)-16Blanka (Komoda)-18.5Cammy (Nakamura)-18.5T.Hawk (K)-22.5

The third list is much too large to placed in the couchsurfingcook.com Wiki. Monitor the attach to Nohoho"s blog to see the full chart, to add an explanation just how the chart was formed, and some discussions in the comment sections.

A fourth tier list, composed for ratio based tournaments at Kohatsu (a Japanese arcade), has actually all 32 characters, both old and new, grouped into 4 tiers. The personalities are no ordered in ~ the tiers. This list was written in the autumn of 2010 and also differs native the Arcadia 2008 tier list.

Ratio 4: Claw, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Boxer, O.Sagat

Ratio 3: Ryu, Guile, Dee Jay, O.Ryu, O.Ken, O.Chun, O.Dhalsim

Ratio 2: Ken, Dictator, Honda, Zangief, Fei-Long, O.Fei, O.Box, O.Honda, O.Hawk, O.Guile, O.Claw

Ratio 1.5: Sagat, Cammy, Blanka, T.Hawk, O.Cammy, O.Blanka, O.DJ, O.Dic, O.Gief

Gian and T.Akiba gathered a new list ~ SBO 2011. Many thanks Nohoho for the information.

Tier 1:Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, O.Sagat

Tier 2:Chun-Li, Dee Jay, Ryu

Tier 3:Guile, O.T.Hawk, Dictator, Honda, Ken, Sagat, Fei-Long

Tier 4:T.Hawk, Blanka, Cammy, Zangief

This functions Dee Jay being advocated to the 2nd highest tier, if Guile and Ken are below. We assume O.Cammy, O.Blanka and also O.Dictator room in tier 4 or below.

Super Turbo is much more about matchups than definitive tiers. Every N.Character is competitive and several O.Characters space competitive as well (though not every one of them). Over there is no character that is completely excluded from tournament level play because they aren"t properly competitive. While Dhalsim and also O.Sagat space clearly far better overall 보다 Cammy and N.Hawk, the optimal tier personalities are quiet beatable, and the short tier characters are still qualified of winning. That being said, the odds of seeing Dhalsim and also O.Sagat in the later on rounds that a tournament, are noticeably greater than seeing a T.Hawk, Blanka, or Cammy player do their way to the finals. Yet unlike numerous other fighting games, the lowest tiered personalities in ST still do appearances in competition finals, nobody character is fully shutout. In retrospect the is truly impressive to see just how ST has developed into a much more balanced video game than Capcom ever imagined.

Akuma but is banned in basically every tournament, since he is much too powerful, and also dominates the entire cast unfairly. Capcom design him together a secret boss character for a reason. His waiting fireball is next to difficult to attend to for most of the cast. His red fireball can be supplied to infinitely lock any kind of opponent in blockstun in the edge for a perfect, unpreventable blockstring, complete with chip damage. And his normals and special moves likewise have ridiculously high priority struggle boxes. It is extremely rare to check out a tournament enable Akuma to be used.

How deserve to I play digital with various other people?

There are numerous options.

HDR classic mode deserve to be played on Xbox 360 XBL or PS3 PSN.

Super Street Fighter 2X deserve to be played online on FightCade , YzKof and RedGGPO, which supports Windows, MacOS and also Linux operation systems.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection has online available for ST/2X. This is accessible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The PS4 and PC execution have relatively active online areas in phibìc America, Japan, and also Europe. For the computer version, a job exists emerged by football player that provides ST/2X run a little much better online.

What about getting a an excellent training mode?

Dreamcast ST and Xbox 360/PS3 HDR standard mode provide a cultivate mode.Alternatively, you can run emulators with save states / cheats.A pre-configured MAME training setting with hitbox display screen can be found here

XSPR likewise wrote a comprehensive lesson thrust training mode here

Pof created a modern-day training mode cheat because that MAME that fixes many of the glitches from older training modes, it deserve to be found as a bundle through the emulator and cheat files integrated (ROMs need to be added)

Jedpossum also wrote a training setting that have the right to be patched straight into the JP rom. This one is useful for digital training in "unsupported room", and additionally to convert a CPS2 board to training mode by swapping the 03 and 04 EPROMs.

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30th anniversary has a training mode for ST/2X on all releases. It"s a pretty simple training mode, though has actually some recognized weird glitches, choose the dummy randomly falling under after combos, and the Guile handcuff glitch from people warrior somehow returning in cultivate mode. That is the very first official relax of one SF2 training setting using the "record/playback" feature that most modern fighting gamings use. This makes trial and error some things out an extremely easy. Regrettably it lacks the hitbox/hurtbox viewer the HDR and also emulators have.