Mario and friends maintained up your search, delving ever before deeper into the mansion. Where they looked, though, they found no authorize of Merlee. Whereby was this secret woman? "Ah, maybe... This way..." So said Tippi, make the efforts to sense the Pure Heart"s location... V dread dangling favor a damaged chandelier, our heroes hurried through corridors...In this component of the mansion, you"ll find a vase on things block. Tippi states it probably expense no much more than 100 coins. Hit the block or try to run on the items block and also the vase will autumn to the floor and also break. Mimi runs into the room, saying they damaged her favourite vase. She calls castle doofuses and says she loved that vase more than anything. She will make castle pay for it or they"re done for. It prices 1 million Rubees. Tippi claims they don"t have Rubees and asks if they"re comparable to coins. Mimi calls lock peasants, as no one provides coins anymore, follow to her. If they don"t have actually Rubees, they"ll need to work off their debt and she currently owns them. They can earn Rubees in the generator room top top the top floor. They deserve to pay turn off their blame in the room on the very first floor, and check their blame balance. Walk upstairs and flip ~ above the right side. Usage Boomer top top the brick block in the wall to find a chest with a Boo card. Use Peach to float to the left, flip, and follow the arrowhead to the left come a large chest. Someone asks if they understand the secret. The funky Pixl music start playing and a triangle Pixl appears. It"s split into 3 sections, i m sorry periodically upper and lower reversal around, and it talks favor a cowboy. It knows the secret: if you close her eyes and also imagine the world"s gone, it"s the best thrill ever. The senses the they"re the heroes, but they"re lacking in thrills. Hecan"tlend his strength to anyone lackingin thrills, for this reason he"llrecharge your thrill gauge in ten seconds. The counts, "One, two, three,five, four, seventeen, 3.14, 1 marzillion, ten!"He states that Pixlshave tons of power, for this reason the heroes must be cautious with them. The Pixls had actually a dustup through the ancients2,000 years ago, however they"re partners now. The Pixl namedSlim is currently yourpard. Slim allowsyou to revolve sideways to prevent traps and also enemies. Friend won"t take damages as long as you"re was standing still. He says playing hide-and-seeks is the finest thrill ever. Now, what you"re claimed todo isgo up to the third floor, through the appropriate door. Thisis the generator room, where you run to struggle a block to generate electricity, while preventing the electrical sparks top top the floor. It"s a slow and also tedious way toearn someRubees. Gain 100 of castle by talk to the Ackbow, the male dressed together a pharaoh, then go to the second floor. Go through the door close to Slim"s chest and also talk come the prisoner close to the door. For those 100 Rubees,he"ll giveyou the passcode 5963, which opens up thetreadmill room on the third floor, wherein you deserve to earn Rubees much faster. Hopinto the treadmill and also hold one of two people left or right for a long time. You"ll require 10,000 Rubees.Take them to the into the room top top the right and also flip. There"s one sinner in 3D. Exchange the Rubees for a collection of numbers he heard Mimi speak in her sleep: 41262816. This is the genuine number friend need, for this reason if you desire to save time,just acquire Slim, walk to the third floor and flip. Walk to the left and also you"ll uncover a brick block through a ladder. Take it come the top floor, whereby you"ll see electric beams moving earlier and forth. In 2D, use Slim to upper and lower reversal sideways. Approach the area v the electrical beams, then was standing still once they pass by friend so you won"t obtain hurt. Move while flipped sideways to the right. Top top the various other side is a door. Go into the passcode 41262816 and you"ll open up up a vault with 1 million Rubees. Grab lock all, go past the electric beams, and also go to the room on the an initial floor. Mimi is in this room, to run Rubee Savings and also Loan. She many thanks the heroes for taking out the unique Rubeee loan. Choose the alternative to pay off her balance and also she"ll say thanks to you for paying turn off the loan in... Full... She"s confused, speak this wasn"t claimed to happen. Currently that they"ve earned sufficient to pay turn off the blame in full, they"ve damaged her wonderful curse. She floats up and also yells, speak she"ll gain them, climate explodes. The star shows up on the various other side of part bars. Tippi claims that imp put a curse top top the mansion and also she wonders that she was.

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Tippi"s an ext worried about Merlee, however.Flip into 3D, and while in 3D, flip sideways with Slim come pass between the bars to with the star.