Product Style: forced Unframed - 40" X 13.5" Standard frame - 40 1/4" X 13 3/4" pick Frame - 42" X 15 1/2" Deluxe frame - 44" X 18"

Text on printed Panorama:

Super key 50 - Denver Broncos 24 - Carolina Panthers 10

This panorama, bring away by Christopher Gjevre, commemorates the best spectacle in sports - Super key 50. This NFL milestone marks a fitting matchup in between the Carolina Panthers and also the Denver Broncos - the peak seeds because that their corresponding conferences, with both groups boasting few of the league"s ideal statistics. Denver to be touted together the No. 1 defense for much of the season and also Carolina was ranked the finest scoring offense. At the end of the day, the Broncos commemorated the 50th super Bowl v a 24-10 victory over the Panthers in ~ Levi"s® Stadium.

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Show your team heart with a Blakeway game-day print. Our modern cameras capture amazing high an interpretation photos from very closely researched vantage points within the stadiums and arenas that room so clear and also life-like, you"ll feel choose you to be there. These officially licensed, make in the USA, large panoramic prints proclaim her allegiance to her team while creating a focal allude in the home, office or pan cave. They likewise make the perfect gift for the sporting activities fan in her life.

To take the home, office or fan cave décor from ordinary to extraordinary, examine out our affordable framing options. We buy our framing provides in bulk and also pass that savings on come you, therefore our prices are nearly always reduced than frame shops. It"s the perfect way to celebrate your team while prolonging the life of her Blakeway print and also showcasing your fandom for all to see.


Super key 50 Gigapixel fan Photo

Were you at this game? Visit our 360° fan photo and see if friend can uncover yourself!

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The Print

Our panoramic prints start as a high definition photo the is published on heavy art stock file to withstand waviness and also warping as result of heat and also humidity and then topped through a UV resistant coating to minimize fading. The prints are accessible as an unframed poster or professionally framed in 3 various frame styles. Our panoramic posters measure 40" large x 13.5" tall, which is commonly not a stocked framework size, so you might want to consider purchasing it framed from us to protect against the time and expense of tradition framing.

Professionally Framed

Framing not just extends the life of her print, that showcases your fandom for all to see. If you to compare our prices with those of a custom frame shop, you"ll discover we are really competitive and often times lower as us buy our structure materials in bulk and also pass the savings on to you. As soon as framing we take into consideration that the product will need to endure the rigors of shipping and use just high top quality moulding and also tempered glass (like a car window) i beg your pardon doesn’t scrape or have large jagged edges when broken.

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Frame Details

Standard frame - 40 1/4" wide x 13 3/4" tall: The frame moulding is a rounded glossy black color 3/8" aluminum. Ready-to-hang with attached picture wire. Select framework - 42" vast x 15 1/2" tall: The print has a mat in the team"s primary shade (if applicable). The framework moulding is a 1 1/8" broad flat profile polystyrene. Ready-to-hang with two sawtooth hangers. Deluxe framework - 44" wide x 18" tall: The print has actually a border in the team"s an additional color (if applicable), and also a bevel-cut mat in the team"s primary shade (if applicable). The frame moulding is a 1 1/8" broad contoured aluminum. Ready-to-hang v attached picture wire.

Officially Licensed

All sporting activities are officially licensed, which way we"ve passed strict requirements for quality and ethics.

us pay royalties that support scholarships and also initiatives at the universities and also professional leagues. We follow main team format guides, which means our logos and mat colors match those specified by the team or university. The panorama will complement your jersey and also fan cave decor. Our production has been audited and also certified to pass fair labor standards. Every our products are printed and also framed in the USA.