This Energy Star® rated 1.7 cu. ft. compact refrigerator is equipped through a convenient freezer compartment that permits for quick and basic storage of frozen foods. It is perfect for keeping refreshments cool via its built-in beverage dispenser and also 2 liters bottle storage. This refrigerator"s compact dimension, included door manage, and also sleek appearance make it an ideal enhance for restricted dorm room spaces.

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Product WidthProduct DepthProduct Height
44.93 cm17.6875"
46.99 cm18 8/16"50.32 cm19.8125"
Shipping Weight
Loading Capacity
1.7 Litres1.7 cu. ft.48.1 Liters

The temperature array of’s refrigerators are between 32F-39.2F/0C – 4C. This is the normal temperature range for food safe appliances. Our refrigerators are qualified of preserving a wider range than the mentioned temperature, however it is recommended that the temperature is preserved between32F-39.2F/0C – 4C for food safety and security. Minor temperature fluctuations of 1-2 degrees are normal during operation as the refrigerator is equipped with sensors to maintain optimal temperatures.’s refrigerators are supposed to be free-standing units. However, units can be developed in as lengthy as the space/ventilation requirements shown in the owner’s hand-operated are met. Do not totally enclose the appliance in a cabinet. The front of the appliance have to be left open so that air can circulate about the appliance.
Doors deserve to be reversed on the majority of’s refrigerators. Door reversal instructions have the right to be found in the owner’s manual. Video instructions have the right to be uncovered using this link:’s refrigerators and freezers run at a sound level in between 35 and also 46 decibels. This is within the normal decibel selection for modern refrigerators.
Have you freshly opened up and then closed the fridge (over the last 1-5 minutes)? If so, being unable to open up the fridge aacquire right amethod is an indication that your door seal is working well. An instance of this is you open the fridge, grab a yogurt then close it, however then you decide you want a pudding so you attempt to open it aget however the door appears stuck.When you opened the unit the initially time for the yogurt, warmth and humidity entered the fridge. When you closed the fridge, this warmth was sealed into the unit. If you go to open up the fridge aacquire within 5 minutes for the pudding, it could be hard to open up the seal. Wait 5-10 minutes (this enables the warm air in the fridge to cool), once you try opening it aget tbelow must be no difficulty.
Indevelopment pertaining to watts and also amps have the right to be found on the rating plate situated on the back of the unit.
This varies based upon design. Please refer to your owner’s hand-operated. If your knob is a dial that has a blue strip, the darker blue/thicker side shows the cearliest establishing. If it is numbered, the highest number is the coldest setting. If your version has actually a thermostat through temperatures in °C /F, collection it to the coolest temperature.
Our refrigerators are not designed for external installation. This also contains all over that is not temperature regulated. ie. garages, porches, carports, and so on
It is prevalent for brand-new devices to have actually a slight plastic smell. Encertain you have actually rerelocated all packing material from the fridge. If that does not aid, clean the inside of the unit by complying with the cleaning instructions consisted of in the owner’s manual. Once completed, place an open up box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb any staying odours.

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