Perhaps it’s the assumed of Election Day looming in the exceptionally near future, but this week’s The Walking Dead was even more unnerving than usual — the premiere episode aside.

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We’ve met 2 kinds of rulers this season: King Ezekiel and also Negan. One, though more ungenerally charismatic, rules his domain with kindness, love, and respect, and also gets the very same from his civilization in return. The other rules through are afraid, initially preying on those encountering unspecific futures via the promise of prosperity and also then forcing his will certainly upon them and judgment as a mercimuch less tyrant.

After taking a peek inside The Kingdom, we turn our attention currently to the Sanctuary, Negan’s home base that places the full degree of his management in a bigger context.

It opens up via Dwight, who’s listening to the theme song from Who’s the Boss? and also taking ingredients from his underlings to make a sandwich. It’s a comical tune when compared to the harsh people he currently resides in, but it’s likcouchsurfingcook.comise unsettling. As a picture of the typical nuclear family, it’s a haunting reminder of what Dwight could’ve had if Negan hadn’t come along.

Of course, there’s another reason why the show’s existence reasons concern: Who’s the boss? Negan. We’re reminded of that as Dwight, wearing Daryl’s angel vest, kneels as he walks by. Then the music picks earlier up and also it’s company as usual, till the sound of walkers interrupts his circulation. Negan offers walkers to protect the Sanctuary by lining its border through the dead. As Dwight tries to gain his sandwich, he observes 2 men struggling to stake one more to the wripoint collection.

Soon we uncover Daryl, now dirtied and naked and required to reprimary in solitary confinement in a dark room. He’s routinely fed dog food sandwiches and also required to listen to “Easy Street” by The Collapsible Hearts Club, the type of upbeat jingle that can take root in your mind and drive a man mad. As if training a dog, Dwight transforms on the music as soon as it’s time to feed his pet, and Daryl accepts the dehumanizing food without complaint eincredibly time.

A day comes as soon as Dwight enters with Daryl’s crossbow in hand also and tosses the prisoner corresponding grey sweatpants and sweatshirt. Dwight pushes him down an angling hall to a doctor’s office, wright here we watch Carchild (the physician) and Sherry, the womales Dwight met in the forest of ash trying to escape from the Saviors with Dwight and her sister Tina.

She recognizes Daryl, having rode off via his equipment and also motorcycle, but she calls Dwight D. To his horror, D sees a pregnancy sexpedition on the table, but Sherry claims it’s negative. She tries to talk to Daryl, but is warned not to perform so. She tries aget, this time advising Daryl to do whatever he’s asked, and also D barks his orders again. When she leaves, the doctor promises things will certainly acquire much better if he let’s it — meaning if he submits to Negan.

After his check-up, Daryl runs right into Negan in the hallmethod and also is compelled to sit in a chair to the side while D and also his master have a meeting. Daryl peers behind an orange door and also sees a room via a TV, lazy boy chair, and kitchen. He’s pulled ameans and also back to his cell, but D advises to make things basic on himself. We check out a glimpse of his former self as soon as he admits he thought he’d never kneel, yet then alerts that Daryl inevitably will certainly.

Later, Negan is stating D’s development through Daryl as the prisoner is trying to find a weakness in his cell door. D guarantees he’s cshed to breaking him. So, as a rcouchsurfingcook.comard, Negan states he have the right to have his pick of any kind of womale in the Sanctuary, as long as they have sex with him willingly. For as sadistic as he was in the comics, Negan was always versus rape. Even though he treats his subjects favor pets, he felt the act was barbaric and also unfitting of his society. And yet, he doesn’t seem unwilling to gain sex by verbally threatening womales right into a corner.

Negan then mocks D’s sexual performance, remarking exactly how “that male clumped on it,” and also provides a sick joke about acquiring “a blast from the previous with you know that,” alluding to Sherry. We’ll obtain to that even more later, yet a walkie message indicating an oselection instance interrupts their uncomfortable conversation. Ovariety indicates that a member of the Sanctuary absconded with offers, and also D volunteers to go after them, even though Negan claims it’s “grunt work-related.”

D sets off in the morning on Daryl’s motorcycle, also armed with his vest and crossbow. A stone statue of a praying angel, its eyes marred by cascading age lines from its eyes, shows D’s inner chaos as he pulls up on a scene of a car accident under an overpass. Later scenes reveal scattered bodies of walkers lining the road, while a little farther up is a pool of dried blood and guts. As D looks up he sees a walker falling on him from an opening in the concrete road rails over. He struggles via the dead as even more loss roughly him, but he’s able to escape. Injured, he rolls ahead and also finds what he’s looking for: the defected Savior struggling through a walker.

These scenes are intercut through Daryl, who is trying to make his escape from the cell after one more Savior delivers his food and leaves the door unlocked. He dodges guards and is virtually to the door outside once Sherry taps him from behind. Having tried to escape before, she tells him to go back while he have the right to bereason he won’t acquire ameans, and also as soon as he’s back in the cell, Negan will make his problems worse.

Daryl ignores her and sprints out the door to a line of motorcycles, yet he’s soon blocked and also cornered on all sides by Negan’s men. Perhaps it was the assumed of liberty that clouded his judgment, but the unlocked door was a trap to if Daryl truly learned to are afraid Negan, much prefer his methods of breaking Rick. Negan goes about the circle and asks, “Who are you?” to which they all reply, “Negan.” He then provides Daryl 3 options: work-related for him as a walker lodged on the perimeter of the Sanctuary, work-related for him as an underling vying for points, or work for him choose Dwight and also “live choose a king.” Daryl isn’t so simple to break, though, and also he stays unflinching, also as Negan tries to shake him by swinging Lucille close to his head.

“Lucky for you, she’s not feeling also thirsty now — but I am,” he says before walking amethod and also leaving Daryl to the mercy of the fill of Saviors. Back in his cell, Sherry concerns stop via him and also recalls all the things she wishes she never discovered out and wishes she never tried. “Back in the woods, after I shed Tina, once we took your stuff, once we determined to go ago,” she said, “I told you I was sorry and you sassist you were gonna be…I am.”

Meanwhile, an injured and hobbling D is walking his bounty earlier to the Sanctuary, however the man is pleading through him to let him go. He states they used to be friendly and also references whatever Negan has done to D and to his wife, which strikes a nerve. “She’s not my wife,” D says. “Not anymore.” In his despair, the man concerns why everyone gave up their fealty to Negan: “We’re all so scared, so we provided up.” But he notes exactly how there’s so many of them and so little bit of him, so why have to they continue bowing down? “We were losing, now we’re not,” he states, prior to recalling exactly how he and his wife thought everything would certainly be okay by giving into Negan’s authority, saying, “We thought we how to fight the monsters.” (This conversation is oddly, uncomfortably equivalent to whatever Bill Maher has actually been saying about a Trump presidency lately.)

Seeing no hope, the man asks D for an act of mercy: kill him and let him be complimentary of this human being. D first threa10s to kill everyone he’s ever talked to and to unearth his wife’s dead body and feed it to the crows, yet he eventually complies. The line of blood that streaks his right eye as he fires mirrors the weeping stone angel that initially noted his mission.

Terms like the Sanctuary and also the Saviors combined through this illusion of omnivisibility (“Who are you?” “Negan”) even more feed the bigger illusion Negan creates of a vengeful god: pay tribute to me, worship me, and also I’ll be kind. Spurn me or worship various other false idols, and attract the wrath of god. The episode does well in tying some of these threads together that brought about his climb to power and, what’s even more frightening, exactly how are afraid and this sense of religiosity warps minds.

At the Sanctuary, D finds Sherry smoking cigarettes in an empty stairwell and also asks for a cigarette. Both seem to be lying to each various other and to themselves, promising they’re happy and Negan is treating them both well. “I did the ideal thing,” he says. “It was a helluva lot better than being dead,” but as we experienced moments earlier, was it?

D then confronts Daryl aacquire in his cell, this time even more frustrated bereason he states Daryl must be dead however Negan has taken a shine to him. He throws Glenn’s fatality in Daryl’s challenge, considering that he was the one that enraged Negan to kill again. Then again, D admits he also got someone killed trying to defy orders: Tina. After their heated exchange, D leaves Daryl with a Polaroid of what looks to be the blood stains from Negan’s kills. Perhaps as one more little act of kindness, he puts on a different song — Roy Orbison’s “Crying” — and also he waits external till he hears the sound of Daryl weeping in the dark.

Later, he brings Daryl to Negan, who’s sitting in that room behind the orange door. It’s time for the excellent cop regime as he regulates D to gain him water via a straw since Daryl’s mouth is puffy from the beatings. He likes D’s hustle, however notes exactly how their relationship wasn’t constantly solid. By currently, many kind of will certainly have put most of the pieces together, but Negan then fills in the gaps of what occurred prior to and also after Sherry and D ran off via Daryl’s stuff.

D, Sherry (his “super warm wife”), and also Tina (Sherry’s “super hot sister”), provided to job-related for points at the Sanctuary. Tina essential meds yet was falling behind on the points she required to trade for them, so Negan asked to marry her and also in exchange would care for her “in sickness and in health.” She shelp she’d think around it, after which she, D, and Sherry fled via medicine. (That’s once Daryl met them in the woods in seaboy 6.) After Tina’s fatality, D and also Sherry determined to go ago and also ask for forgiveness. To sheight Negan from killing D, Sherry readily available to marry him. Negan, being the stand-up male that he states he is, obliged however scarred D’s challenge with an iron for excellent meacertain.



Once aobtain trying to appeal to Daryl’s feeling of factor, D recites the old warnings around how he’ll finish up functioning for Negan either method — as a walker or a servant. Before he walks out, he and Daryl uncover common ground: “I get why you did it,” he states, “why you took it. You were reasoning about someone else. It’s why I can’t.” It appears prefer this someone else can be Glenn, because there’s guilt tbelow over his impulsive actions that led to Negan killing him. Perhaps it’s Maggie, for the exact same reason. Perhaps it’s for his whole family.

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As D goes exterior and sees the male he mercitotally swarm is now a walker of the Sanctuary, the walls of his mental cell seem to close in.