Your fart attack is dubbed the ‘Dragon Shout’

Me: “You have the right to just host and also he farts forever?”

Nathan Davis of Obsidian: “Yeah, he’ll fart forever.”

Videogame journalism.

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South Park: The stick of Truth (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)Developer: Obsidian EntertainmentPublisher: UbisoftRelease: TBA 2013

South Park: The pole of Truth has been on my must-own list ever due to the fact that the Xbox E3 push conference wherein Matt stone and Trey Parker opened up up by making fun of said conference. If they to be going to make funny of Microsoft appropriate on their very own stage, climate you just knew that the game wasn’t walk to host anything back.

The stick of Truth focuses on players gaining the all-powerful Stick, and also the recent demo we saw during a Ubisoft pre-E3 present pitted united state in the middle of a civil war at southern Park elementary. The elves, command by Stan and also Kyle, are fighting versus the humans, lead by Cartman, for manage over the Stick. Players can pick which side they’ll hit for, and also in this situation the brand-new Kid was on Cartman’s team.

Customization theatre a huge part in the endure as you can pick in between being male or female, and also clothing, costumes, skills, abilities, weapons, and more can be changed to whatever you desire as you development through the game. An abilities and abilities have the right to be leveled up in addition to yourself, and also stuff like costumes will provide you various passive capability that deserve to be modified v patches. Weapons can also be modified v the various kinds that strap-ons you’ll come across.

The entire demo was collection in the elementary, and also you will have to navigate through the school to with the Stick’s location. There’s an all-out war going on, with several obstacles that you’ll require to acquire through. A number of rooms for instance have obstructions blocking your path; one easy difficulty for the new Kid, renowned for his miracle abilities. You deserve to use her slingshot to shoot under lighting that will consequently knock out kids. Or you deserve to shrink yourself down in size and also make your means through ventilation shafts come get approximately blocked routes. An alien probe the bursts the end of her ass can likewise teleport you increase to specific hard-to-reach areas.

Your best magical capability is her farting skills. At any time, you can press and also hold the suitable button to fart right into your cupped hands and toss the end fart balls. Or you deserve to just let the end blasts the farts once the situation requires it. This specific attack is additionally called the “Dragon Shout” attack, and also yes the brand-new Kid is likewise called the Dragonborn. Yup, no shame.


The final component of the demo has you enter the room with the Stick, where a showdown between Cartman and Kyle take away place. You’re offered the choice to pick a next again, and the player in this instance fights versus Cartman.

The selections present various dialogue, yet the final an outcome here will certainly be the same. The an outcome being the everyone finds out that Clyde Donovan is in the possession the the Stick, and he’s asserted war top top both humans and elves through his Nazi-like military of the dead.

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Matt and also Trey declared that they’d just make a video game where the felt favor you space in an illustration of southern Park. The stick of Truth is that and also more. It’s like you’re playing a mix of the best/most-fucked-up episodes together as enthusiasm of the Jew, Scott Tenorman must Die, go God go XII, an excellent Times with Weapons, *insert your favorite episode here*. You deserve to expect in between 15 come 20 hrs of good, deranged, and fucked up amounts of fun through this one for sure.