Now that the an initial season the E!"s brand-new reality series Stewarts & Hamiltons has pertained to an end, I"m already wondering if fans can expect a second season with the combined #StewHam family. E! hasn"t fix up the collection yet, and also the just reported ratings come from title Planet, which insurance claims the collection pulled in under 400,000 viewers because that its Aug. 9 episode — not very promising numbers for a renewal. Something the is promising, however, is what Season 2 of Stewarts & Hamiltons would look prefer if the network does decide to grant us one. The miscellaneous members the the titular families are basic to save to monitor of, so there are already clues about what another season can cover.

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The Stewart/Hamilton family members tree chin is ripe with reality TV fruit. The present follows Alana Stewart, ex-wife of both musician rod Stewart and actor George Hamilton, and also her family. George Hamilton is a fixture on the collection not just as a dad to Ashley Hamilton, but likewise as Alana’s finest friend. Her daughter with Rod, Kimberly, is one actress and model who has actually been wisely capitalizing top top the show this summer, developing scarves for UK line Rockins. Alana’s boy Sean Stewart’s life is also chronicled top top the one-hour series.

The very first season is packed with family drama surrounding the children struggles’ v burgeoning careers and love lives, Alana and George’s history, and Kimberly and also Alana’s mother-daughter relationship. For this reason what can a second season have in store? to predict the future that the series, I required to the family’s social media pages to watch what lock are at this time up to and also what the cameras might focus on next season.

Sean Stewart Just had A Birthday

And, apparently, it to be worthy that this attention. The family also recently gushed end George"s birthday also ...

His Instagram boasts gig ~ gig — also a power on access Hollywood.

The family Went To brand-new York

Thanks to the plenty of Keeping Up with The Kardashians spinoffs, we understand audiences love to view a family reality collection change locations.

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Sean referred to as Alana & George "Lovebirds"

Alana and George have an interesting relationship, exes turned ideal friends v a deep love for each other. So space they a true couple again?

The Kids" Endeavors

There"s currently Sean"s clothing line, Kimberly"s scarves, and Ashley"s music. What"s following for the kids?

So, will Alana and George get earlier together and also stay together? will the children find success? There"s plenty to explore if Stewarts & Hamiltons returns.