Mineral: $3 (I import) Food: $2 (I did no export) Alloy: $12-17 (depending ~ above aggressiveness)Side note: Federation is rather overpowered together it creates need for alloys (AI will develop fleets to federation fleet cap and Federations = more wars = Profit) and also federation fleet count in the direction of the president"s (your) fleet strength which deters (or allows) aggression. Consumer goods: $5-6 Rare resources (RR): $13-17Side note: AI does no seem to acquisition RR indigenous the market, i m sorry keeps RR price low. Moreover, AI purchase RR from football player at $30-40, i m sorry means complimentary credits. Sector fee is 5% (Founding the sector + diplomat tree + trader proxy office / leader traits) Prices because that raw sources are reasonably stable, yet my tall realm (Sprawl = 270, lid ~= 120, Planets = 14, technology reaches repeatables) impacts alloy prices significantly

Exploiting these prices have to be a vital part of min-maxing. In 2.2.3, i can uncovered the sector in two decades by trading interactions with AI Empires. (Unfortunately they nerf it in 2.2.4) some observations:

Refineries are unnecessary (10M = $30 = 2RR) Militarized economic climate + selling alloys = boundless credits Wars room really expensiveSide note: Bastions at choke clues w/ non-aggression pacts or association condition with next-door neighbors = tranquility = economic growth native alloy sales, even at cool Admiral there is no scaling. Upkeep for cost-free pops is an extensive (1.25F + 0.25CG + 1 Amenity + 1 housing / worker)Enslaved synths (additional +10% production from tech, w/ flesh is Weak to stop AI rebellion plus other buffs) or droids (+5% from effective processors) room the ideal pops in game. ($1 + 1 Amenity + 0.5 housing / specialist) add to they have no PP or delight unlike slaves, which way high stability and high source output. Taking synthetic evolution ironically downgrades their usefulness as upkeep is significantly higher. In fact, droids space preferable to enslaved synths, and also IMO the synthetic path is rather weak. Slaves are the next finest pops in game. (1.25F + 0.05CG + 0.75 Amenity)Even at short habitability servants are still pretty an excellent as rise in CG upkeep is minimal. I uncover sending some slaves to short habitability human beings where their expansion will be limited quite useful as it permits for more pops of primary species. Plus less xenos = much less xenophile attraction. Domestic servants (0.75 Housing) are never unemployed, can come to be entertainers (which is specialist), and provide amenities once they space idle. Good for ecumenopoli or habitats. Breed boy (0.25 Housing) are great for building slots, and also by extension habitats. In truth with breed cub 6 districts is enough for real estate everyone and also it saves you from adopting Master contractors AP. Pop growth is king (More mineral / alloys) diplomat tree is great

Essentially, one empire"s strength mainly depends on alloy manufacturing owing to absurd level of inflation. Alloys require

JobsForge arcology districts provide 10 jobs & 10 housing w/ no RR upkeep but 2 sprawl point out Forges administer 8 tasks & 0 housing w/ 2 RR upkeep and also 1 slot however 0 sprawl clues … why not both, esp. ~ above a build world? 🙂 Generally, one or 2 ecumenopoli have to be more than sufficient HousingWith enslaved synths or droids, each create arcology provides extra 5 real estate after housing the metallurgists. 16 districts on a size 15 ecumenopolis carry out 80 housing extra, i beg your pardon is more than sufficient for housing the remaining pops. Amenities(Charismatic) residential servants are ideal. Enslaved synths or droids are better saved for other purposes. PopsWith adequate tech, organics prosper at 6.0 and also robots grow at 2.3-3.0, top top every planet including habitats Habitats v 6 Housing deserve to house over 200 livestock, if you need 70 to unlock all structure slots. IMO other habitat districts room a rubbish of sprawl points. Provided that arcology districts space insanely solid and refineries space useless and also you cannot build labs or advertising complexes top top habitats for part odd reason, I find those slot are best for structure fortresses (3 housing, 3 soldiers = 18 navy cap, 1RR) and source silos (2 salesman jobs). In truth if girlfriend are into fortresses, those habitats don"t need districts at every LOL. Basically habitats are great incubators because that those play tall (which way significantly less micromanagement and amazing tech). MineralsMatter decompression (Galactic marvels AP) Mining districts Mining guilds civic if no corporate Tributaries Or… industry Food (too abundant to it is in a concern)Livestock farming districts customer GoodsThrifty domestic servants together clerks Thrifty executives if this firm Arcology districts which compete with alloy manufacturing for minerals

What room your min-maxing strategies?

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