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Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, but as with many various other operating systems, sometimes Windows 10 has concerns with older software.

Some users have reported the Star Wars: Knights that the Old Republic is not functioning on windows 10, so let’s shot to resolve that.

How do I deal with Star Wars: Knights the the Old Republic on windows 10?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a great game, however, because the game was released a if ago, it has some worries with newer operating equipment such as windows 10. Speak of issues, customers reported the following problems:

Star battles Knights the the Old Republic won’t start, play, open – plenty of users reported that they room unable come play or open up the video game at all. This have the right to be an stroked nerves error, yet you should be able to fix that by running the game in Compatibility Mode.Star wars Knights the the Old Republic has stopped working – This is one more common error with Star wars Knights the the Old Republic. If your game suddenly crashes, be sure to try some that the services from ours article.KOTOR crashing after personality creation – This is an additional problem that users reported. In most cases, this problem is resulted in by her graphics configuration.Star battles Knights that the Old Republic keeps crashing – countless users reported the their game keeps crashing. This is an stroked nerves problem, yet you have the right to fix the by transforming CPU priority and also affinity.Star wars Knights the the Old Republic not loading, working – In some cases, the video game won’t load or occupational at every on your PC. However, girlfriend should be able to solve that problem by using one of our solutions.

Compatibility concerns are fairly common v every brand-new operating system especially when it involves older software. Speak of which, Knights that the Old Republic was released back in 2003, so it’s expected to have some issues with windows 10.

Users report that they room able to begin the game, but when they want to pack a saved video game or begin a new one the game just crashes to Windows.

If you’re having this problem you should know that over there are few things the you have the right to do to deal with it.

Solution 1 – shot running the game in the compatibility mode

Since the compatibility can be an issue, the very first thing we’re walking to try is to run the video game in the compatibility mode. And here’s exactly how to perform that:

After making this changes, the game should start working again without any problems.

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Solution 2 – Disable frame Buffer Effects and Soft Shadows

These room some old options that don’t work-related on more recent platforms, for this reason it’s ideal to disable them. To carry out this you have to do the following:

Start the game.Go to the Options menu.Select Graphics. Next, walk to Advanced graphic Options.Find and uncheck Frame Buffer Effects and Soft Shadows options.

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Solution 3 – set the CPU priority and affinity

The following thing we’re going come try, if you’re still unable to beat Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic top top your home windows 10 PC, is to adjust the CPU priority and also affinity. To carry out that, simply follow this steps:

Locate swkotor.exe (it need to be in your installation directory, or if girlfriend have steam version the the game, it will be located in C:Program papers (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonswkotor), ideal click the .exe file and select Properties.In the Target box add the following lines to the Target location:For example, if you have steam version of Knights of the Old Republic her target field should look like this:C:Program records (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonswkotorswkotor.exe /high /affinity 1Click Apply climate OK to save the changes.

Solution 4 – Uncheck the Read-only property of the video game directory

Locate the installation magazine of your game and right click it.Choose Properties from the list.

After do this change, inspect if the worry still persists.

Solution 5 – modify the video game configuration paper to run the video game in window mode

Locate the adhering to line:Fullscreen=1and change it to:Fullscreen=0.In the section include the adhering to line:AllowWindowedMode=1Save the file.Run the game using the swkotor.exe file from the game directory. Be affected by each other in mind the running the video game from heavy steam Library will certainly undo these changes, therefore remember to run it indigenous the environment directory.

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Solution 6 – operation the SWUpdate file

If you’re having problems with Star Wars: Knights the the Old Republic on your PC, the problem can be related to lacking updates. However, friend can quickly fix that worry simply by running the SWUpdate file.

This file is situated in Knights that the Old Republic surroundings directory, by default, it’s steam/steamapps/common/swkotor, and also after running this paper most problems with the video game should it is in resolved.

Solution 7 – turn of Vsync and other graphic options

If she having troubles with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the issue might be concerned your video configuration. Many users reported the they had problems with Vsync, yet after disabling this feature, the video game started functioning again.

This is a rather basic solution, and also several individuals reported that it works, for this reason disable Vsync in the game and check if the solves the problem. If the worry still persists, try disabling other graphics alternatives including shadows and also grass.

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Solution 8 – include Disable vertex Buffer heat to the swkotor.ini file

According to users, you have the right to fix the problem with Star Wars: Knights the the Old Republic simply by editing and enhancing its construction file. You have the right to locate swkotor.ini in the game’s surroundings directory.

Once you situate the .ini file, open it v a text editor such together Notepad. Now go into the following line in ~ the bottom: