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Currahee Branch is Permanently Closed

Peach State strives to carry out quality member service together with affordable products, vain rates and lower fees. End the critical year we have actually launched new Online and Mobile banking platforms, and also members have responded by utilizing them more and much more each day. As result of this capability to conveniently financial institution digitally linked with the continuing pandemic, fewer members have been coming right into the branches. We also have number of branch places that space in close proximity to one another. Together a result, we have permanently closed our Currahee branch reliable Friday, October 15, 2021. If you have to visit a branch, you might visit any of our various other branch locations. The Liberty Hill, Carnesville and Cornelia areas are conveniently located nearby.

Member matters | October 2021

Read the latest problem of our quarterly member newsletter, Member Matters!

Fraud alert |

Due to a high level the fraud from, we have blocked every Peach State VISA Debit Cards from making purchases through this website to protect our members. If you should use your card ~ above this website please call us in ~ 855.889.4328 prior to making her purchase and we deserve to temporarily relax the hold. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Corporate Office

1505 Lakes Parkway, Suite 100Lawrenceville, GA 30043No branch onsite.

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Phone: 678.889.4328Toll-Free: 855.889.4328

Routing Number: 261174759

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