„Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.“

— Doyle Brunson American poker player 1933

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„Some days you're Superman, some days you're Clark Kent.“

— Liza Palmer

Conversations With the Fat Girl

„When I was younger, my mother told me, "Mitch, some day you're going to have to move out of the house and get a job." Well, today is the day, that's why I'm here with you people.“

— Mitch Hedberg American stand-up comedian 1968 - 2005

Just For Laughs: On The Edge - 2002

„A pigeon a day keeps the natives away“

— Arthur Ransome English author and journalist 1884 - 1967

Pigeon Post Title page and Chapter 4), 1936


„Some days are diamonds.Some days are rocks.“

— Tom Petty American musician 1950 - 2017

Walls (Circus)Lyrics, Songs and Music from "She's the One" (1996)


„Every day that you don't practice is a day you're getting worse.“

— Amy Chua, book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Source: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

„Accept that some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re going to be the windshield.“

— Jill Shalvis American writer 1963

Source: The Sweetest Thing

„One of these days you're going to have a visitation.“

— Ken Kesey novelist 1935 - 2001

The Paris Review interview (1994)Context: One of these days you're going to have a visitation. You're going to be walking down the street and across the street you're going to look and see God standing over there on the street corner motioning to you, saying, "Come to me, come to me." And you will know it's God, there will be no doubt in your mind — he has slitty little eyes like Buddha, and he's got a long nice beard and blood on his hands. He's got a big Charlton Heston jaw like Moses, he's stacked like Venus, and he has a great jeweled scimitar like Mohammed. And God will tell you to come to him and sing his praises. And he will promise that if you do, all of the muses that ever visited Shakespeare will fly in your ear and out of your mouth like golden pennies. It's the job of the writer in America to say, "Fuck you God, fuck you and the Old Testament that you rode in on, fuck you." The job of the writer is to kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy and white and tempting and powerful.


„There are two most powerful days in your life: the day you're born, and the day you discover why.“

— Boniface Mwangi Kenyan photojournalist 1983

The day I stood up aloneContext: There are two most powerful days in your life: the day you're born, and the day you discover why. That day standing up in that stadium shouting at the President, I discovered why I was truly born, that I would no longer be silent in the face of injustice.


„There will be good days and bad, which means that some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky!“

— Peter Jennings News anchor 1938 - 2005

Memo to his staff announcing that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. (April 2005)


„Congratulations!Today is your day.You're off to Great Places!You're off and away!“

— Dr. Seuss American children's writer and illustrator, co-founder of Beginner Books 1904 - 1991

Source: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

„A day can really slip by when you're deliberately avoiding what you're supposed to do.“

— Bill Watterson American comic artist 1958

Source: There's Treasure Everywhere: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

„You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.“

— Marian Wright Edelman American children's rights activist 1939

„To some of us, the nights are too long. To some, the days.“

— Chuck Palahniuk, book Haunted

Source: Haunted

„You sit at a desk twelve hours a day and you have nothing to show for it except some numbers that won't exist or be remembered in a week. You're leaving no evidence you lived. There's no proof.“

— Dave Eggers, book The Circle

Source: The Circle

„You better live every day like your last because one day you're going to be right.“

— Ray Charles American musician 1930 - 2004

As quoted in Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk (2007) by Larry Chang and Roderick Terry, p. 365

„How can you sleepHow can you turn awayThinking so cheap?Some day you're gonna pay!You're keeping secretsI can see in your eyes:Can anybody tell meWhy the big disguise?“

— Mike Oldfield English musician, multi-instrumentalist 1953

Song lyrics, Discovery (1984)

„You're the bad one from the day you were born.“

— William Fitzsimmons American musician 1978

Until When We Are Ghosts (2006), When You Were Young

„Every day you're alive and someone loves you is a miracle.“

— Rita Mae Brown Novelist, poet, screenwriter, activist 1944

„No, you're mistaken. Not 'What filthy weather' but 'It's a fine rainy day.“

— Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt French writer 1960


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