Corpus Christi Social protection Office contact Information

Address and Phone Number for corpus Christi Social protection Office, a Social protection Office, at south Port Avenue, body Christi TX.

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Name corpus Christi Social defense Office deal with 3801 south Port Avenue corpus Christi, Texas, 78415 call 866-613-2859

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The body Christi Social protection Office, located in corpus Christi, TX, is among the Social protection Administration"s 1,230 ar offices. These ar offices carry out Social protection programs, consisting of the Supplemental protection Insurance (SSI) program. Social Security issues monthly retirement services to body Christi senior citizens and also their survivors. The program additionally provides handicap payments come disabled workers and their dependents. The SSI regime supports disabled adults and also children with limited income and resources.

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You may contact the Social defense Office for concerns about: corpus Christi Social defense benefits using for a Social protection number society Security disability Insurance (OA/SSDI) applying for Social protection in corpus Christi Eligibility and also enrollment do an appointment

Corpus Christi Social protection Statistics

uncover Corpus Christi Social protection Income, Supplemental Security income (SSI), Public wellness Insurance Coverage, Medicare Coverage, and also Medicaid Coverage. Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American community Survey, 2018 ACS 5-Year Estimates.

Corpus Christi Social defense IncomeCorpus ChristiNueces County
With Social protection Income34,19138,784
No Social protection Income82,37190,142
Corpus Christi Supplemental Security earnings (SSI)Corpus ChristiNueces County
With Supplemental protection Income8,0689,123
No Supplemental protection Income108,494119,803
Corpus Christi Public health and wellness Insurance CoverageCorpus ChristiNueces County
Public health and wellness Insurance105,807 (33.1%)119,691 (33.6%)
No various other Coverage66,753 (20.9%)75,248 (21.2%)
Corpus Christi Medicare CoverageCorpus ChristiNueces County
Medicare Coverage48,515 (15.2%)55,421 (15.6%)
No other Coverage15,948 (5.0%)18,238 (5.1%)
Age: Under 19390578
Age: 19-64 Years6,8588,097
Age: 65 Years+41,26746,746
Corpus Christi medical allowance CoverageCorpus ChristiNueces County
Medicaid Coverage63,786 (19.9%)72,732 (20.4%)
No other Coverage49,039 (15.3%)55,089 (15.5%)
Age: Under 1936,59241,338
Age: 19-64 Years19,79322,331
Age: 65 Years+42,65848,215

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