OK, let"s acquire one point straight... Once Gaga first performed "The Cure" last weekend, ns was dragging it. Speak she"d offered out. 


I have actually done a the majority of analysis about this song though, i beg your pardon I"ve posted throughout various threads. And long story short, I have actually warmed approximately it. So much so that... Ns stan it. Stan. It"s brilliant! 

But I have to say, the single best component of the whole song is the moment you very first hear Gaga sing, "so baby tell me yes"... V that luscious 80"s R&B guitar lick in the background. Finest moment that the entirety song. It"s like... Listening approximately that suggest you"re choose "ok, yes this is cute... This is a groove... Ns hear it..." then she autumn "so infant tell me yes" and I"m like ----SLAY ME pop HOOK. 



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Posted April 24, 2017

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6 minute ago, ReidOne said:
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I have actually done a most analysis around this song though, i m sorry I"ve posted throughout various threads. And also long story short, I have actually warmed up to it. So much so that... I stan it. Stan. It"s brilliant!  

But yas finally, stanning talent. Happy i missed friend dragging this luscious bop!

 And we"ve questioned it, yes ns am all around that part. My favorite is, naturally, once her voice profit momentum through the I will BE best BY her SIDE only because, that **** knocked me square turn off my feet the very first time i heard the song (every time ns hear the song, let"s no **** ourselves).

But the "so baby tell me yes" deserves every the Grammys. What a #moment ReidOne

Katsuki Bakugo

爆心地 (Bakushinchi)ReidOne

Side note: What if MR and also TC break-up the votes for the Grammy"s record of the Year and both lose?