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We’ll view if Kanye West has anything controversial to say for reportedly not gift the original selection as music guest throughout Saturday Night Live’s season premiere Saturday.

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Series creator Lorne Michaels stated in a current podcast v writer James Andrew Miller that the MAGA-hat wearing hip hop star was favored after pop songstress Ariana Grande bowed out earlier this month, according to the website Stereogum.

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“We had Ariana drop the end for emotional reasons,” stated Michaels together West was later announced to change Grande ~ above Sept. 17. “That’s ours premiere, and also then Kanye stepped up, and also he’ll be there.”

Grande, who fiancee is SNL cast member Pete Davidson, hasn’t been seen lot in public and also is more than likely still reeling indigenous the noticeable drug overdose death of she ex-boyfriend rapper Mac Miller on Sept. 7. Grande’s countless fans space probably concerned for her health after a series of tweets earlier this week consisting of one speak “can i pls have actually one okay. Simply one. Pls.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ye will likely perform monitor from his brand-new album, YANDHI, which follow to a tweet from the on Thursday is scheduled to fall Saturday night. He even conceded the it might not be the week’s peak album as Lil Wayne’s much-anticipated Tha’ Carter V is additionally dropping.

YANDHI 9 29 18

YANDHI IS release THIS SATURDAY pic.twitter.com/ysqMrtc1RP

— ye (
kanyewest) September 27, 2018

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it’s otherwise to be a bizarre week for West that while promoting his album stopped by The Fader offices in new York come play part “unfinished” track, put on the strange combo of a red make America an excellent Again hat and a self-designed Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt.

The album features singer Ty Dolla $ign and also controversial rappers 6ix9ine, who has pled guilty to three felony account of sexual misconduct through a child, and the late XXXTentacion, that was accused of abusing his pregnant girlfriend prior to being fatally shot during an attempted robbery in June.

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West additionally said he was hoping to add Rihanna to one track and asked those hear if he should readjust some that his lyrics. He also invited several human being to his studio for more opinions. He likewise proceeded into to rant about his duty in the world, his company plans, and his unconditional love because that his hometown Chicago.