Summer’s coming, so girlfriend may have actually noticed a ton of new high protein, reduced calorie ice cream creams.

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The persons from 3 Twins ice cream Cream asked me if I want to try their new high protein, organic, short fat ice cream. The course, I claimed “yes!” i don’t eat much dairy, yet I do like a couple of spoons of ice cream together a treat and also The Husband is a huge ice cream fan.

Why 3 Twins? It was founded by a twin whose twin is married come a twin. Obtained that? 3 Twins was born in san Rafael, California in 2005 when starting Twin Neal Gottlieb collection out to handmade delicious, affordable ice cream cream with just organic ingredients. They also give back. In 2011, they produced Ice Cream for Acres. This program helps safeguard rainforest land, perceptible habitats and also “other far-reaching spaces.”

Slim twin is the very first and just certified USDA necessary low-fat, low-calorie ice cream. Slim twin is made v a basic of real milk, sugar and eggs and also contains no added salt, glycerin, stevia or preservatives. Slim Twin has actually only 240-320 calories every pint—offering a guilt-free act that will “still fit your macros.”

Slim pair comes in seven flavors. They space Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint Chip, Lemon Cookie, Cookies and Cream, Coffee and also Cardamom. Every pint has actually 240 to 320 calories.


Round 2 to buy basket

I found all seven flavors in ~ my local totality Foods. i tried Mint Chip and Cookies and Cream first. Then, ns went ago and acquired Coffee, Cardamom and Lemon Cookie. (I’m no a large Vanilla or cacao fan.)


The ice cream-iest flavor!

I tried all five flavors and also The Husband make the efforts the ring 2 flavors. I favored all five and found lock creamier than many of the various other dairy, short calorie ice creams the are famous now. Mine favorites were Coffee, Lemon Cookie and also Cardamom. The Cardamom was really unique and also delicious. It reminded me of something I’ve tried v dessert in a restaurant. It would be perfect with chocolate cake. That the five, the only one ns though tasted “lite” was the Cookies and Cream which to be a little too sweet for me. The Husband stated he’d eat all 3 of the ones he tried. He desired them to other low calorie ice creams I’ve required on the we’ve tried. His favourite was the Lemon Cookie, yet he claimed it to be “a difficult call.” That’s high prayer from a male who can conveniently take under a pint the premium ice cream cream.


The Husband’s fave!

You don’t have to take ours words because that it! I have two coupons because that a cost-free pint that Slim twin to send to two lucky readers. Please usage the Rafflecopter listed below to enter. Winners must be united state residents, 18 years of age or older and the market is void where prohibited. The giveaway runs through may 9. A winner will be selected and on may 10.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In the typical time, friend can uncover Slim Twin through their keep locator. You can additionally keep up with Slim twin on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Please note: I got product at no cost in exchange for an moral review. I was no otherwise compensated because that this post and all opinions are my own.