Artistic Efects
Formats applied to photos that make pictues resemble sketches or paintings.

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Black SlideA slide that displays at the end of an digital slide present indicating the the presentation is over.
EditingThe process of editing and enhancing a presentation by including and deleting slides or by changing the materials of separation, personal, instance slides.
FooterA booked area for message or graphic that screens at the bottom the each web page in a document.
FormattingThe procedure of creating the as whole apperacance of text, graphics, and also pages in one Office file- because that example, in a indigenous document.
HeaderA booked area for text or graphic that displays at the optimal of each web page in a document.
LayoutThe arrangement of elements, such as title and subtile text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, shapes, and movies, top top a PowerPoint slide.
List LevelAn rundown level in a presentation represented by a cartridge symbol and also identified in a slide by the indentation and also the size of the text.
Normal ViewA display screen view the maximizes the variety of cells clearly shows on her screen and keeps the shaft letters and row number close to the columns and also rows.
Notes PageA printout that includes the slide picture on the top fifty percent of the page and also notes the you have developed on the note pane in the lower fifty percent of the page.
Notes PaneThe PowerPoint screen facet that displays below the slide pane with an are to kind notes about the energetic slide.
PlaceholderA box on a slide with dotted or dashed borders that hold title and also body text or various other content such as charts, tables, and also pictures.
Reading ViewA see in PowerPoint that display screens a presentation in a manner similar to a on slide show however in which the taskbar, location bar, and also status bar remain obtainable in the presentation window.
Rotation HandleA eco-friendly circle that offers a means to rotate a selected image.
Sizing HandlesSmall circles and also squares that suggest that a picture is selected.
SlideA presentation page that have the right to contain text, pictures, tables, charts, and other multimedia or graphic objects.
Slide HandoutsPrinted photos of slides on a sheet of paper.
Slide PaneA PowerPoint screen element that screens a large image the the energetic slide.
Slide Sorter ViewA presentation watch that screens thumbnails of all of the slides in a presentation.
Slide TransitionsThe motion effects that take place in Slide present view as soon as you relocate from one on slide to the next during a presentation.
Split Buttona type of button in which click the main component of the switch performs a command and clicking the arrowhead opens a menu, list, or gallery
StyleA repertoire of formatting options that can be used to a picture, text, or one object.
Text AlignmentThe horizontal location of message within a placeholder.
ThemeA collection of unified design elements that provides a look for your presentation by applying colors, fonts, and effects.
ThumbnailsMiniature images of presentation slides.

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Title SlideThe an initial slide in a presentation the purpose of i m sorry is to carry out an advent to the presentaion topic.
Aspect ratiothe ratio of the width of a display screen to the elevation of the display
CollaborationThe activity of working through others as a team in one intellectual venture to complete a mutual task or accomplish a shared goal
contiguous slidesslides the are adjacent to each other in a presentation
Microsoft Office 365a collection of secure online services that allow people in an company to communicate and also collaborate by using any type of internet-connected maker -- a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone phone
Noncontiguous Slidesslides that are not adjacent to each various other in a presentation
Outline ViewA PowerPoint view that display screens the presentation overview to the left that the on slide pane
Section Headera form of on slide lauout that changes the look and also flow of a presentation by providing text placeholders that execute not contain cartridge points
Teama group of workers tasked through working with each other to settle a problem, make a decision, or produce a occupational product
Varianta sport on the presentation design template style and also color