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I believed I to be done, yet I have material for one an ext post. I want to write much more about how royal name work, due to the fact that I’ve viewed a lot of confusion and straightforward lack of knowledge in the tags, therefore think of this as much more of one informative culture post than an analysis post the the show.

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European royals and also nobles have styles, names, titles, and also houses. In addition, monarchs have actually regnal names.

A style is how you formally attend to someone, based on their rank and also title. In Sweden, the only layouts left space “majesty” and “royal higness”, wherein kings and queens are addressed as “your majesty”, and also select members of the royal family are addressed together “your royal highness”. In Swedish, these layouts are often abbreviated together H.M. - Hans/Hennes Majestät and also H.K.H. - Hans/Hennes Kungliga Höghet. In English, the abbreviations space HM and also HRH.

In the show, you have the right to see this once Simon meets the Queen, and shakily addresses her as “Your Majesty”, or when Minou calls up August and says “Her Majesty the Queen has actually resolved your problems with the school fee”.

In less formal, however still polite speech, you would certainly use third person addressing once talking to or about the royals, and there are plenty of examples that this in the show:

Anette come Erik: “How pretty to view the crown prince again!”

Some aide to Wilhelm: “Could we acquire a shooting of the prince shaking hands v the headmistress?”

Anette: “Wilhelm, sorry, the crown prince, exactly how nice the memorial was!”

August: “The queen has asked me, personally, come take treatment of him.”

Malin: “I simply wanted to repeat the crown prince the breakfast closes in 5 minutes.”

Names for royals and nobles work similar to the remainder of us, however with one exception: Royals typically do not usage last names, while lesser nobles do. They likewise tend to have several first names, and while they usually pick surname for your children based on trends in society, they remain on the classic conservative side, and they regularly pick names native their family members history.

The display only tells united state one very first name because that each member that the royal family: Kristina, Ludvig, Erik, and Wilhelm, therefore we have actually no idea what various other names they could have.

In the actual world, the surname of the king that Sweden is Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus, the crown princess’ name is Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée, and her oldest daughter’s surname is Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, simply to offer you some flavour the what it could look like.

Titles room what sets greater nobles apart from united state mere commoners, and have their origin in the feudal system of middle ages Europe, which was a ordered socio-economic-military device where the mr of a land might grant a portion of his land, a fief, to a vassal in exchange because that fealty - loyalty, taxes, and military service. Doing for this reason would create a title, it would make the vassal a noble the a reduced rank 보다 his lord, because you can only produce titles reduced than the one you possessed. So, in general, kings could create dukes or lower, dukes might create counts or lower, and counts could create barons. The fief the a duke is referred to as a duchy, a count subjugated a county, and also a baron over a barony, although there were more ranks and an ext titles 보다 that, escape on region and language, but those space the main ones.

Every single squabble or conflict or battle or civil war or war dealt with in the middle eras was end the titles, due to the fact that the titles legally conferred property of a item of land, and with that the legal rights of taxation and the economic value of the land. End time, kingdoms gained more central and the ordered nature of the system broke down, if the titles became more hereditary, and ownership the the land ended up being less important, which expected that minor nobles lost the strength to create vassals and fiefs, when the power to produce titles was reserved for the monarchs, and also titles developed in this era usually only granted people a title because that an area or a castle or a manor residence that they already owned.

Going into modern times, European countries curbed location creation, yet generally kept protections for existing title and allowing them to it is in inherited according to everything inheritance rules applied to every title. But if a title holder die without a legal heir, the location is lost forever, which way that most contemporary day noble families want come make certain their title, their history, their legacy have the right to survive long into the future. Additionally note the one person deserve to hold several titles, and each that those titles can be inherited individually and under various rules.

In Sweden, there are currently 46 comital family members (greve/grevinna - count/countess), 131 baronial households (friherre/friherrinna - baron/baroness), and also 484 untitled reduced noble families. There room no elevation ducal families, rather the monarch sponsor royal youngsters a ceremonial duchy in ~ birth, for one of the 25 historic provinces of Sweden. This means that every single member the the swedish royal family members is a prince or princess of Sweden, and also duke or duchess of some province.

Again, we have no idea what province Wilhelm is the battle each other of in the show, if for instance in the real Sweden, Princess Estelle is the duchess of Östergötland, Prince Carl Philip is fight it out of Värmland, and Princess Leonore is duchess that Gotland.

A noble house is a noble family or clan the is associated with one or much more hereditary titles. Noble houses were started when someone was ennobled and also granted a title, and a noble house have the right to branch and wither and split and form new residences over the ages, and it can gain or lose status as its members acquire or shed noble titles and also ranks.

In medieval times, these family bonds were an extremely strong, and also many significant conflicts were a result of different houses fighting over assorted titles, for example the battles of the Roses to be a 32 year lengthy civil battle over the throne the England in between the home of York and also the house of Lancaster.

A royal home is a noble residence that hold a location of king or queen, and for members the the imperial family, their home name is what they have actually instead that a normal last name. Us don’t understand which royal house Wilhelm belongs to in the show, but the current royal residence of Sweden is the house of Bernadotte, named after the French rando we imported that i wrote about in the critical post. Other houses that have actually been the royal home of Sweden throughout history include the house of Holstein-Gottorp, the home of Oldenburg, and also the home of Vasa.

Finally, a regnal name is a name the a reigning monarch chooses for themselves when they ascend the throne, and also it is composed of one or much more of their an initial names, and also a roman character ordinal if there have actually been previous monarchs or majesties with that name. If you the very first of your name to rule over a kingdom, you can choose to contact yourself “the first”, or girlfriend can select not to.

In the show, Kristina doesn’t appear to have actually an ordinal, but in genuine life Sweden there to be a Queen Kristina who reigned in the center of the 1600’s. (She was most likely a lesbian, brought about the death of French philosopher René Descartes, abdicated in favour of she cousin, and moved to Rome and also converted come Catholicism. As you do.)

In the actual world, the king of Sweden reigns under the surname Carl XVI Gustaf, since he’s the sixteenth (tenth, actually) knife to have been king the Sweden, and he also picked his second name since he favored it, or since he wanted to stand out from the fifteen various other Karls who preceded him. His regnal name is pronounce Carl den sextonde Gustaf - Carl the 16 Gustaf.

Putting every one of this together, the styles, the names, the titles, and also the houses, and also we can lastly get the full formal surname of miscellaneous royals. Here are examples from part European royal family members to show what it have the right to look like:

These name are fairly the mouthful, and the full names and styles are only provided in very formal settings. Normally, these world are described with their highest possible title, and their chosen first names, i.e. Princess Madeleine, Prince Felix, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Prince William, Princess Catharina-Amalia, Prince Emmanuel, and Infanta Sofía.

We only have the brief name the Wilhelm, i.e. Prince Wilhelm, in the show. We don’t have actually his full name, however if it follows form, he would be HRH Wilhelm , Prince the Sweden, battle each other of , of house .

Note the Wilhelm’s father is no a king, he is a prince-consort, due to the fact that Wilhelm’s mom is the reigning monarch. The appropriate styles for his parents would certainly be she Majesty Queen Kristina (II?), and also His imperial Highness Prince Ludvig.

The only other nobles in the display we have complete names because that is August and Felice, and August’s full name would certainly be august Horn, count (or Baron) of Årnäs. Felice’s would be just Felice Ehrencrona, since her parents room still alive and still hold everything title they have.

Commoners marrying right into a imperial family is no much longer forbidden or controversial, and also all europe royal family members have had actually commoners marrying into them in the past few generations.

Based ~ above precedence, if Wilhelm and also Simon to be to get earlier together and marry in the future, and if they acquire the consent that the Queen and the government, the following would happen:

Simon would be offered to it is in made a prince that Sweden, and with it acquire the layout of HRH.Simon would certainly be offered to be made a battle each other of some province.If that accepts, the would lose his last name, and go native Simon Eriksson come HRH Simon, Prince the Sweden, battle each other of , or just Prince Simon.If the declines, that would remain as Mr. Simon Eriksson.

When/If Wilhelm ascends the throne, that would chose a regnal name, and also get an ordinal depending upon the variety of Wilhelms before him. If he is the very first of his name, he would merely be King Wilhelm.

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And if he and Simon are married once he ascends, Simon would not come to be king, the would come to be a prince-consort, and keep the title of prince.