Carrots, Pickles & Twinkies: aka “Our Weird Car Video Game Code”

July 7, 2021 By: Six Pack Momcomment

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It all started via a Twinkie. Not the actual sponge cake bar of creamy goodness, mind you, yet the shriek of, “TWINKIEEE!!!” triumphantly exclaimed from my backseat. All it took was a single shout of “Twinkie” to put us on the cut-throat roller coaster of competition that is The Car Video Game. There were no reason <…>

My 7-Year-Old’s New Bedtime BFF? Google Nest Mini, Apparently.

January 25, 2021 By: Six Pack Mom1 Comment


The 7y.o. is a curious bit dude, and also constantly has been. He doesn’t simply want to know how points job-related, yet NEEDS to know- and also why, also. As an equally curious sort, I get it- I have actually an unquenchable thirst for understanding, as well. I Google all.the.things., & envy today’s youngsters growing up via that convenience. <…>

Organizing Tips To Stay (Relatively) Sane During Virtual Learning

September 20, 2020 By: Six Pack Momcomment


We’re 2 weeks right into the autumn semester, & this is undoubtedly the weirdest school year EVER. Thanks, corona! We muddled via the fresh hell that was distanced discovering this spring, as it was thrust spontaneously upon our households & most others. Trying to job-related from home while six kids adjusted to online classes & not <…>


(This write-up has affiliate links.) When you’ve got as many kind of children as we execute, it’s an endless party. No, really. We end up celebrating a birthday simply about eexceptionally single month of the year, which takes the majority of planning. While I’m great about many kind of of the details, one point I tfinish to fail at <…>

I’m Waiting For A Turn With “My” Weighted Blanket

January 10, 2020 By: Six Pack Mom3 Comments


When you hit your 40s, your expectations of many things readjust. You begin to take joy in the bit points. They are the things that you never before thought you care about, granted, yet that’s what being middle-aged is favor. And kids don’t obtain it. At all. Me, to kids: “Wow, the automobile has <…>


For Sale: Master"s Degree in English Education, favor brand-new. Badepend offered by SAHM of a bajillion (ok, 6) youngsters. Will work-related for coffee. Or Pampers. Read More…

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