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Sig Sauer MCX Rattler Virtus .300 Blackout 5" PDW

5.5" barrel SBR through M13 style skeleton stock

.300 Blackout is easily becomming the go-to round for an individual defense.

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Designed for unique Operations, the brief barrel MCX Virtus combine performs, concealabilty and reliability. A 5" barrel is best for to add a suppressor. The M-LOK handrail gives ample room for weapons lights and also other accessories.

The Sig MCX Rattler has now to be renamed together the Virtus SBR, however whatever you contact it, that is downright awesome.

Note: video is a tiny dated and also refers come the SBR as the Rattler, and also shows the pistol brace version, which is no much longer offered, just the SBR

Rapid deployment, thin, agile, and also precise. This is the MCX Rattler Virgus. Special a 5.5" PDW barrel, the MCX platform has never been an ext compact or accessible. All set to go where-ever it"s needed, the MCX Rattler Virtus has a thin, foldable share for simple concealment and also stowage. This gun to be designed native the ground as much as be together discrete as feasible while retaining every the capability of the MCX. Free-floating M-LOK handguards matched with a PDW upper and also a PDW Ultra thin Folding Aluminum Stock, the MCX Rattler Virtus SBR is the ideal selection for fast-moving operators.

The MCX indigenous SIG SAUER is engineered because that adaptability, sound suppression and longevity. Cold hammer-forged barrels room user-changeable, supplying the utmost in mission-specific flexibility. SIG"s internal recoil mechanism offers reduced recoil and also a compact platform. The MCX VIRTUS SBR functions the new Matchlite Duo create for crisp, clean feel. Free-floating M-LOK handguards provide the optimal configurability. Ambidextrous, AR-style controls and a urgent stock permit the MCX RATTLER VIRTUS SBR to it is in tailored to the shooter and the environment. The M13 layout stock adds come the versatility and concealability the the rifle.

Based top top a inquiry from the US military to replace the MP5, the Sig MCX features a short-stroke recoil system with gas operated piston. This style removes the require for a buffer tube, thus permitting for a much shorter PDW. The gas regulator has two positions, to relocate from suppressed to unsuppressed. The 5/8x24 subject pattern allows for easy installation the a .30 cal straight thread suppressor, or walk crazy and add a three-lug adapter.

The VIRTUS line from Sig allows for barrel swaps and handguard swaps. So, this .300 black Out deserve to swap to it is in a 5.56mm rifle, and if you prefer a much longer barrel, the .300 BLK is additionally offered in 9" with an ext handguard room to accommodate extra accessories.

Note: This is a short barreled rifle, subject to the NFA, and requires registration v the ATF and also payment that the NFA tax stamp and prolonged waiting period at your regional gun dealer.

Law Enforcement, military and first Responder Program uses to this rifle

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