A pull-up bar that you deserve to settle between the door frame is a helpful and also inexpensive tool for heaving pull-ups and also chin ups. But, the Shamrock Triple Gym takes the principle far better. With the aid of this home gym equipment you can perdevelop all the the majority of necessary bodyweight exercises, and also even more.

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It comes through a multi-grip chin up/ pull up terminal, a doormethod dip station, and also suspension trainers. Everything that is compelled to strengthen all the muscle teams of your body. It is basic to install and also compact. Hence, it is a perfect option for world having actually simply a tiny space at home. It might be a great alternative to a power tower.

While it is better building and construction than equivalent products, the Triple home gym has its cons such as low weight capacity and also doormethod damage.


Lots of bodyweight exercises have the right to be done. Full body training. Needs no room Easy installation / can be easily removed Affordable price Free extras


Weight capacity is less than 200 pounds Compatible only via 24″ to 34” wide doors A bit of wobbling

Best functions of Shamrock Triple Gym


A lot of Triple door gym exercises

Bodyweight training is among the best methods to construct sensible stamina and build muscles. This equipment supports even more than 30 moves to train eexceptionally component of your body.

The multi-grip doormeans pull up terminal gives various bars to perdevelop pull-ups and also chin-ups. These moves are perfect for building earlier and also arm muscles. Also, this section can be offered for performing abdominal exercises as leg raises.

With the aid of the doormeans dip bar, you can perform the dip exercise which is an excellent practice to gain your triceps and also chest. Also, it have the right to be offered for knee raises for your abs.

The suspension trainer you obtain via the load is a great enhancement. With the assist of it, you deserve to perform TRX exercises such as chest presses, inverted rows, pike push-ups, or Bulgarian break-up squat for your reduced body.

To amount up, thanks to these functions, you can have actually a complete body workout at house.

Watch some exercises

Easy installation / removing = Portable

If you buy a residence gym machine, you need to be certain that the assembly will not be a item of cake. And, once you put it together, you will certainly hardly take it in other places.

Setting up this equipment is incredibly easy. You execute not have to usage bolts or screws. You just put it on the door structure, and you are prepared to exercise. This means you deserve to take it with you, for example, if you travel.

The door dip bar and also pull up terminal are individual components. (But, you require the pull-up area for the dip stand.)

Good Price / Value Ratio + Free Extras


On the official webwebsite, the price is just $59.95. For that price, you have the right to hardly find other residence workout devices that provides so many type of opportunities to exercise.

Plus, with the package, you will obtain the Shamrock Triple Gym workout chart and 3 DVDs that lead you how to usage this house gym successfully.

The bad

The weight capacity is acceptable

While the manufacturer clintends that the maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs, the customers do not think so. People over 200 pounds feel the equipment wobbles, and also few of them complain about bending parts. Hence, it more suitable world under 200 lbs.

It damperiods the frame a little

In 2017 the manufacturer added added thick foam pads to bars which touch the structure of the door for better defense. But, still, some customers comsimple about scratches. A basic solution if you put a item of apparel or foam under the pads for additional defense.

It wobbles a bit

Well, it is difficult to produce multifunction equipment that can be provided through the door structure to be rock solid. The chin-up section is somewhat steady, yet the dip bars wobble a little bit, especially under heavy world. But the wobbling not so annoying that it spoils the workout.


Are the suspension straps adjustable?


How does the dip station work?

After solving the doormeans bar, you have to location the dip station on it with hooks. The dip terminal comes through a vertical bar that stands against the structure for stabilization.

How heavy is the package?

About 20 lbs.

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Verdict / Is it for you?

Since of the numerous Shamrock triple gym exercises, easy installation, room conserving function and affordable price, it is an excellent price/worth ratio equipment. The workout endure is additionally excellent. If you have actually simply a small area to train at house, or you are on a budacquire, and also you choose bodyweight training, it is an excellent buy for you.