Shailene Woodley isn"t the first starlet to score a role that forced a correct haircut, however when the actress lopped off 90% of her hair this year, it to be the chop heard "round the world.

Even though we all knew the Shailene"s luxurious hair was going to have to go, after the announcement that she"d be play cancer patient Hazel Lancaster in "The error in our Stars," it to be still a very big deal when the time came for she to go under the knife-- er, scissors. Shai"s short new "do was virtually front-page news for a solid week before and also after the cut, and also not just because she shed some really real tears together her long, lengthy locks were snipped away.

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Here"s why this to be the pixie crop that anyone was talking around in 2014.

A display of commitment to TFiOS

Hazel Lancaster"s "pageboy haircut" was a big deal because that fans of "The error in our Stars," the book on which the movie was based -- and also many pan weren"t so sure about Shailene as soon as she very first scored the lead role. In acquisition the plunge and cutting her hair, rather than trying to mess about with wigs (or insisting top top a more flattering cut that was less true come the book), the actress demonstrated appropriate off the bat the she was acquisition the task of happen Hazel to life very, very seriously.

Cut for a cause


Not just did Shailene donate her hair to kids with Hair Loss, a charitable company that collection hair to do wigs for kids who"ve shed their hair as result of cancer, alopecia, and other conditions, she released a campaign encouraging pan of "The Fauls in ours Stars" to execute the same. Quite soon, #HairForHazel and #ItGrowsBack to be trending everywhere as supporters showed off their own cropped cut on Twitter and also Tumblr.

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Here"s where points really gain fun: as the star that "Divergent," Shailene had already made the an initial film in the series with she signature lengthy hair still intact. However rather than wear a wig in the 2nd movie, she request the manager of "Insurgent" to placed her crop onscreen -- which way she has to hang ~ above the cut for much longer, maybe even until they"re excellent filming the franchise. That"s a pretty major commitment for a haircut that initially made she cry.