Just since someone is the most complied with person ~ above the net doesn"t necessarily average that translates as soon as you placed your call down. But turns out, Selena Gomez, who has actually 125 million followers on Instagram alone, is a quite decent human in actual life too.

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Gomez, who"s typically snapped v her friend The Weeknd, has a slew of famous friends, and also while they may hang in private, Gomez uses awards reflects as she social playground. Over the years, the "Fetish" singer has captured up through old pals in ~ the VMAs, if making new friends as well — all in in between winning awards, the course.

The singer is nominated for two friendly team-ups at the 2017 VMAs — ideal Dance through Kygo because that "It Ain’t Me" and also Best participation with Charlie Puth for "We Don’t speak Anymore" — so now"s the time to storage friendship!

We"ve gone v the archive because that you, so without additional ado, here"s a brief history of Selena the society butterfly at the couchsurfingcook.com video Music Awards.

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Fastforward come 2013, where Selena to walk the red carpet and stopped by the bleachers for part selfies through fans.

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Gomez was seated following to finest friend Taylor Swift at the 2013 show. Chanel Iman sat to she left, and together, they watched the epic NSYNC reunion. Here they are catching their breath and posing for photos.

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Unless you"ve had actually your head in a seasoned of guacamole for the previous decade, you recognize that Taylor Swift and also Gomez space the BFFs of every BFFs. Swift carried SG as among her many, plenty of red carpet days in 2015. Here"s a cute pic of castle alone, though.

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The Swift squad got front heat at the 2015 show, and Gomez obtained a serene minute with Serayah during a advertising break.

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Three year after they starred in Spring Breakers together, Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens mutual a lovely adopt at a VMA after-party in 2015. They also have that Disney connection, so it was certainly a night of reunions.

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While Selena was chatting up Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski joined the conversation, and also a brand-new friendship began.

Here"s a full pic of Selena and also her girlfriend -- new and old. For this reason glamorous. Which friends will certainly she do this year?

The 2017 VMAs touch under at the Forum in Inglewood, California, on Sunday, august 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. See the full list that nominees and vote for Best brand-new Artist now!