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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber drama can move aside, together the former Disney starlet is all set to couchsurfingcook.comme ago to what she does best.

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Ahead that the release of her brand-new single back To You, the brunette beauty has started teasing stills native the new campaign.

Posting come the main Selena Gomez Instagram accouchsurfingcook.comunt, the 25-year-old songstress common a snap which appears to present the starlet in a dressing room.

Perching her peach versus a mirror surrounding by light bulbs, the starlet smouldered into the camera lens.

In the image, Selena posed wearing a thin white mini-dress i beg your pardon featured a floral pattern.


IN THE STUDIO: Selena is gearing as much as release a new album (Image: INSTAGRAM/ SELENA GOMEZ)

While posing in the smokin' snap, the vixen additionally teased a glimpse of her toned pins together she rest on the table.

She accessorised v a pair of silver hooped earrings, and also kept she make-up natural.

Teasing text from the upcouchsurfingcook.comming track, she captioned the image: "I wanna organize you when I'm not an alleged to."

Selena previously common a similar image through her 136 million followers, revealing that ago To friend is the lead single from the 13 factors Why Season 2 soundtrack.


BACK to YOU: The brand-new song is the lead solitary from the 13 factors Why soundtrack (Image: INSTAGRAM/ SELENA GOMEZ)

The hugely famous Netflix collection is return imminently, and also naturally Selena has returned to the job after serving together an executive producer for the show.

It's for sure to to speak Selena's post went under a treat v fans, and it has due to the fact that racked up a substantial 2.7 million likes.

In no time, the snapshot was flooded with couchsurfingcook.commpliments, with one gushing: "Woooooow! girlfriend look an extremely nice."

A secouchsurfingcook.comnd excitable admirer chimed in: "You're therefore gorgeous love this photo."


BRUNETTE BEAUTY: Selena's pan couchsurfingcook.comuldn't get sufficient of her snap (Image: instagram/ selena gomez)

While a 3rd wrote back: Stunning photo, ns love you Selena."

Meanwhile, Selena was newly announced together the challenge of Puma brand-new Defy sneaker.

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Her freshly Phenoum luxury couchsurfingcook.comllaboration with the brand offered out virtually immediately.

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